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The National Science Centre has awarded a grant of almost 3 million PLN to two researchers of Wrocław's EIT+ Research Centre. Our scientists received financial support as participants of the competitions HARMONIA and SONATA BIS.

The SONATA BIS competition for research projects aiming to establish a new scientific team was closed by distinguishing Jakub Siednienko PhD., Eng. in recognition of his project “Molecular mechanisms regulating intercellular signalling pathways of nucleic acids' receptors with Pellino 3 protein in response to viral infections”. Grants in the competition could be awarded only to individuals who had achieved their doctoral degrees from 2 to 12 years before applying with the National Science Centre. Our researcher received financial support amounting to 1,994,800 PLN.

As a participant of the HARMONIA programme, whereby financial aid is allotted to research projects conducted by international teams, Małgorzata Krzyżowska Ph.D was distinguished for her project “The role of Fas/FasL receptors in the pathogenesis of inflammation in the nervous system caused by infection with a 1 and 2 type herpesvirus”.

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