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HICRON's team is working on new solutions in the areas of both implementation and permanent services. A further stage of the process in implementation of an innovative tool supporting pro-active monitoring of SAP systems: HICRON System Monitoring Tool.

Based on its many years' experience in delivery of services involving remote administration of SAP services, HICRON's team has created an original tool being part of an extended system for early detection of problems in Clients' systems.

– HSMT enables early identification of problems through the use of a large-size element based monitoring system, thanks to which potential problems are removed early enough. Consequently, it leads to ensuring wide availability of Clients' systems. Since the beginning of 2016, consultants from the BASIS area have been using on a daily basis a new tool for monitoring SAP systems, data bases and resources on the operating systems side - says HSMT solution architect Daniel Nowak.

HICRON System Monitoring Tool is integrated with the HICRON Service Portal (service.hicron.com) submission system, enabling automatic submissions. HSMT analyses events and in the case of exceeding defined thresholds, it automatically sets up a submission which is transferred to be handled by a team of BASIS consultants.

Based on its many years' experience in system administration, HICRON developed its own thresholds for all monitored indices enabling pro-active identification of SAP system areas that may negatively impact efficiency and accessibility.

– It must be stressed that Clients' high demands as regards accessibility and pro-active monitoring inspired us to create this tools. Since the first days of use, we have observed its advantages and we're certain that it will be further developed – says Michał Sarna, BASIS manager.

Since January 2016, the HSMT has been supporting the monitoring of the existing Clients’ remote SAP systems administration at no extra charges.


Source: polskieczempion.pl