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The panelists emphasized the role of education. Not only to use digital amenities to find their way in the job market, but also in order not to be afraid. Not to succumb to circulating myths.

The development of a mobile network is essential for reasons of work, education, security. We say this about new technologies, smart city, but Poland is in the tail in the implementation of 5G networks. Developing infrastructure we have no problems in cooperation with the city, but we meet resistance from residents. Education is essential. Already at the school stage.

Michal Ziolkowski, Play

The problem of large urban bodies is resistance to change. No smart city will help if investments are met with resistance from residents. Everyone wants them, but...

We are seeing a geometric increase in participation. With various projects, whether it's a waste treatment plant or a new antenna, there is a group of people who are afraid. They are afraid of change. A city like Wroclaw, which is growing, needs investment. Everyone would like to have good coverage, ultra-fast internet, but they don't want a mast near them. He would like to have a school close by so that his child can get there quickly, but so three blocks away that he doesn't have noise. And a streetcar close by, but to be quiet. These are irreconcilable contradictions. Only education, and from an early age, gives the opportunity not only to prepare the right cadres, but also to understand, responsible coexistence, each of us has to go a little.

Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw

City development is also a business responsible for the environment in which it operates. A resident-friendly environment.

InPost may not be associated with a technology company, but it absolutely is. We introduce innovative solutions that benefit customers, such as our app. Also innovative are our activities regarding the greening of parcel machines. We cover their roofs with sedum plants. Together with the city of Wroclaw, we are also greening the urban space.

Marta Zalewska, director of Partner Relations and InPost Green City Program