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The project to expand and modernize the Wroclaw airport has received PLN 175 million from EU funds.

As a result, an apron, a parallel taxiway and an expressway will be built at Wroclaw Airport, among other things. The new infrastructure will benefit civilian and military aircraft.

Huge subsidy for development of Wroclaw airport from the European Union

In terms of the amount of EU funding, this is the largest aviation project in Europe. The modernization and expansion of the airside of Wroclaw airport will amount to PLN 350 million, of which 50 percent (about PLN 175 million) of the amount will come from European funds.

The planned investments in Wroclaw are one element of a broader European Union strategy. Its goal is to link the transport network in the countries of the community more effectively with defense needs.

Obtaining funding for these investments is excellent news and our great success. The expansion of infrastructure will not only promote military mobility in Europe, but will also serve civil aviation. The investment will increase the airport's capacity and speed up the execution of flight operations, thanks to which the Wroclaw airport will reach a higher level of operation.

Dariusz Kuś, president of Wrocław Airport

Planes will depart and arrive from Wroclaw Airport more efficiently

Thanks to the expansion and modernization of the operation zone, among other things, the time of flight operations will be shortened. This includes taxiing time between the runway and the apron. The number of parking spaces for passenger aircraft will also increase.

The investment so heavily supported by EU funds is also excellent news for passengers. The additional infrastructure elements will ensure traffic flow at the Wroclaw airport, which is important especially during the hours of flight accumulation. The expansion and modernization of the operating area of Wrocław Airport testifies to the strong position of our airport on the map not only of Poland, but also of the whole of Europe.

Przemysław Myszakowski, vice president of Wrocław Airport

Wroclaw Airport. Planned investments, or what will change

Among other things, the expansion and modernization of the airside will shorten the time for flight operations, i.e. the taxiing time between the runway and the apron, as well as increase the number of parking spaces for passenger aircraft.

Additional infrastructure elements will ensure traffic flow at the Wroclaw airport, which is important especially during the hours of flight accumulation. As part of the planned works, which will begin at the end of 2023, the construction of such places as:

  • An additional apron, which will be a "mirror image" of the existing apron at the passenger terminal. There will be 12 spaces for C-code aircraft such as the Airbus 320 and Boeing 737. This will provide additional independent parking for the largest military, cargo and F-code passenger aircraft (e.g., C-5 Galaxy, Boeing C-17 Globmaster, AN-124 Ruslan and Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, Boeing 787).
  • An additional taxiway,which will allow military aircraft to perform flight operations without holding up passenger aircraft traffic. This will improve the performance of civil and military flights, as well as extend the life of airport pavements.
  • A rapid exit road, allowing aircraft to leave the runway more quickly. This will increase the airport's operational capacity and reduce the time for performing operations on the runway and waiting for aircraft to take off.
  • A new aircraft de-icing apron located on the west side of the airport (the current apron is on the east side). As a result, planes will be able to take off from both directions during periods when de-icing of machines is necessary, and 4 planes can be de-iced on the aprons at the same time. This will significantly shorten the pre-flight procedures.

The world's largest military aircraft will be able to come to Wroclaw

As part of the project, the existing taxiway will also be rebuilt, which will accommodate F-code military aircraft (the world's largest planes) and at the same time shorten flight operations.

The expansion of these infrastructure elements is the next stage in the port's development. Very important in the context of the growing number of passengers served in Wroclaw, as well as the increasing amount of cargo transport.

Cezary Pacamaj, vice president of Wrocław Airport

The design tender was announced in June this year, and the proceedings resulted in the selection of the contractor - a limited liability company. WLC Engineers. According to the plan, at the end of 2023, construction of the apron will begin, in Q2 2024 construction of the rapid exit road and parallel taxiway, and a year later reconstruction of the existing taxiway and construction of a new de-icing apron.