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Scalo - one of the fastest growing software houses in Poland wants to be among the best in Europe. Their history is impressive

Scalo's beginnings were in 2007 and a team of a few people recruiting and outsourcing IT specialists. Today, Scalo is one of the fastest-growing software houses in Poland, with offices in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow and Katowice and over 550 employees. The company provides its services to clients from Poland, the USA, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Finland, Greece and Germany.

We create innovative software for our clients and build expert development teams for them. We implement projects in areas such as automotive, fintech, AI, e-commerce, high-tech or gamedev. Our portfolio has no shortage of unicorns and global brands.

Grzegorz Witkowski, Head of marketing at Scalo.

Scalo focuses on automotive, fintech, AI, e-commerce, modern technologies or gamedev, R&D, expert development teams and customized solutions

Scalo has ambitions to become one of the top software houses in Europe.

Above all, we want to carry out projects of an R&D nature, build expert developer teams and provide custom solutions for clients from all over the world.

Grzegorz Witkowski, Head of marketing at Scalo.

Scalo is looking for employees: recruitment and jobs

Scalo's primary focus is on growth - the number of projects it is pursuing has led the company to recruit heavily across the country. Scalo is looking for specialists and developers proficient in Python, Ruby on Rails, JAVA or .NET, among others.

- We also need people experienced in areas such as front-end, cybersecurity, embedded or machine learning. At the same time, we are open to people from various business fields, concludes Grzegorz Witkowski.

MidPoint71 - the largest office building in Wroclaw. CitySpace: new office in downtown Wroclaw

In July 2022, the company will open its headquarters in the new 14-story Midpoint71 skyscraper on Powstańców Śląskich Street, where 80 teams of specialists will work in the CitySpace serviced office space.

In our new CitySpace Midpoint space, on more than 3,500 sqm, we have prepared 400 different types of workstations for companies - from offices and conference rooms to hot desks. We took care of functionality, as well as a pleasant design that will allow employees not only to relax, but also to gain good energy for work

Magdalena Snieżek, Regional Director of CitySpace, responsible for the Wroclaw market.

Scalo was attracted to CitySpace MidPoint by two advantages: the location and the comprehensive service offered by the office operator (mail handling, IT service, daily cleaning, kitchen with fresh coffee and fruit).

- MidPoint is one of the most modern office buildings in Wroclaw, and is located in the very center of Wroclaw, which makes its location optimal for most employees. In turn, the model of cooperation with CitySpace means that we don't actually have to worry about anything, and we get ready-made spaces tailored to our needs, Grzegorz Witkowski enumerates, and notes that the company doesn't expect to change locations in the near future, and wants to make intensive use of the opportunities offered by working in MidPoint's CitySpace offices.