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More than 200 new technology founders, investors and people who wanted to learn more about the road to success in the technology and entertainment industry took part in the fourth, and last this year, edition of Startup WRO Meetup. This time, too, no one complained about the lack of inspiration and knowledge that can help you develop your own startup or career.

A powerhouse can rise from a small business

Wednesday's Startup WRO Meetup stage featured, among others, Arthur Mrozowski, co-creator of the Netflix success story, who talked about, among other things, how this well-known streaming platform transformed itself from a DVD rental service into a global online entertainment giant.

Another guest speaker was Daniel Kottke, one of the first employees of Apple, which is now one of the most recognizable brands in the world, although its beginnings were also humble.

Wroclaw the cradle of technology?

According to Arthur Mrozowski, Wroclaw is the cradle of technology in Poland.

I'm glad that I had the opportunity to meet the people who are creating the new future, technology. I am proud of the fact that Poland is a dominant technology park. I'm sure that many of the people I met here will come to Silicon Valley and be big names someday.

Arthur Mrozowski

According to him, events like the Startup WRO Meetup are much needed.

This is always the beginning of something that leads consistently to something new. People have a chance to get to know each other, and through this, relationships are built that can turn into effective cooperation.

Arthur Mrozowski

See you in 2024

According to Paulina Muszynska, head of Startup Wroclaw, many topics related to technology were discussed during this year's meetings. Talks also covered how to get money for startup investments, as well as foreign expansion. Startup WRO Meetup participants also discussed cooperation between business and science.

This time we have special guests from the United States, hence the topic is business not only in Silicon Valley, but also throughout the United States. We are very pleased that today's meeting gathered such a large audience. Due to the success of this year's Startup WRO Meetup! We are already planning a series of similar meetings in 2024.

Paulina Muszynska

The organizers of the Startup WRO Meetup were the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency and Startup Wroclaw. While the strategic partners of the event were Bank BNP Paribas and SDZ Legal Schindhelm.