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Nearly 300 hectares for 234 million zlotys were bought by the Legnicka Special Economic Zone (LSEZ) from the National Center for Agricultural Support Branch in Wroclaw. The notarial agreement signed by both parties will begin the next stage of the creation of the Miekinia - Sroda Slaska Industrial Park. It is here that innovative companies will develop their activities.

A powerful industrial park - one of the largest in Poland - will be built near Wroclaw.

The park will be built on the sites of the villages of Kadlub and Zrodla in the municipality of Miekinia, and Juszczyn and Swiete in the municipality of Sroda Slaska.

The areas of Miekinia and Sroda Slaska are excellent places for investment. We make no secret of the fact that investor interest in these areas is enormous.

Przemyslaw Bozek, president of the Legnicka Special Economic Zone.

The investor stresses that the Miekinia - Sroda Slaska Industrial Park under construction is to be one of the largest in Poland and will ultimately occupy more than 400 hectares.

What will be in the Miekinia - Sroda Slaska Industrial Park near Wroclaw?

In the Miekinia - Sroda Slaska Industrial Park near Wroclaw, companies focused on innovation and modern technical thought are to develop their activities. New jobs and investment areas will be created. Among other things, the park is to house business centers and scientific and research facilities supporting the development of new technologies and entrepreneurship.

The LSEZ reports that its location close to the A4 highway and Wroclaw provides great investment attractiveness. It is also close to more than 30 universities and operates an international airport with a current passenger capacity of 4.5 million, with plans to expand the terminal to around 10 million.

PepsiCo and Intel - giant investments near Wroclaw. Thousands of new jobs

The location of the new Miekinia - Sroda Slaska Industrial Park near Wroclaw is no accident.

A PepsiCo plant has been established in Swietem near Sroda Slaska on a 30-hectare area of the LSEZ, which is expected to eventually employ 450 new workers, mainly from the region. The more than billion-dollar investment, based on technologies of the future, is being implemented in stages until 2025. It is PepsiCo's most environmentally sustainable plant in Europe.

An investment of nearly PLN 20 billion has also been announced by the US company Intel. A Semiconductor Integration and Testing Plant is planned to be built in the Legnicka Special Economic Zone in the Miekinia subzone and the Sroda Slaska subzone. This is to be the largest investment in free Poland and over 25 years of LSEZ operations.

LSEZ in the Lower Silesian province. Effects of operations

Legnica Special Economic Zone - operates in southwestern Poland, in the Lower Silesian province, one of the most dynamically developing areas in Poland. LSEZ to date is 85 investors from many corners of the world, 1.5 thousand hectares of investment land. More than PLN 12 billion in investments and - most importantly - more than 20,000 jobs, as many as twice as many as the investors had planned.