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Two years ago work began on the construction of the Infinity office building. It is being built on a plot of land between Nabycinska, Legnicka, Sokolnicza streets, and on the south side, the area is enclosed by the Wroclaw Center for Assistance to Intoxicated People. The investment is nearing completion. The installation of the glass facade on the west side of the building has been partially completed. A few days ago, scaffolding disappeared there.

Office location in the city center. What about for the resident?

The building is being constructed in the very center of the city, where many people move daily. For companies renting space there, it is a favorable and prestigious location. But in addition to offices, the building is also expected to include an offer for residents.

Even before the completion of construction, quite a lot of space has been rented there, which the investor also boasts about on an ongoing basis. It will house, among others, a Medicover Stomatology dental clinic, FutureMeds medical center, stores such as Zabka, Hotly Recommended Tastes from the Bakery, and a Tuscan restaurant with a motorcycle store.

The seven floors will contain a total of 21,847 sq.m. of leasable space, of which nearly 19,000 sq.m. is dedicated to office space, while nearly 1,600 sq.m. will be dedicated to retail and services.

Toscanizzazione Rest & Motorizzazione Showroom to open at Infinity

The Infinity office building will feature, among others, a company founded by Poles from Katowice who started a business in Italy. They plan to open two outlets in Wroclaw.

A few years ago, the idea of buying a vineyard arose in our minds. We decided to carry out the plan and were the first in the world to stocenize vineyards. Our villa bought together with the Tokenarios produces wine, oil, and receives guests in the form of agritourism. We also organize special events such as weddings.


They have announced the opening of their first restaurant, Toscanizzazione (250 sqm), on Old Town Boulevard in the recently renovated , 'House with a coat of arms', located in the hospital complex on Jan Pawel II Square. The planned opening there is scheduled for late Q2/early Q3 2023. In contrast, the Infinity office building, which is being completed, will not appear until 2024.

They also saw potential in vintage scooters

Piaggio's iconic and world-famous motorcycles and scooters, made mainly in the 1950s, 1960s,1970s, are being bought in Italy and restored by Toscanizzazione's owners. After opening Infinity, they plan to open a restaurant with Italian products and a showroom with motorcycles in it.

Modern office building in the city center

The investor promises that it will be a modern building with amenities for residents and safe for companies renting space in it.

Upon completion, the investor will apply for certification of the office building:

  • BREEAM Excellent certification
  • Well Health & Safety Rating certification

Located on the first floor, the retail and service units are to be easily accessible to residents, including those with disabilities. On the first floor, the building's arcades are to include restaurants, service establishments and bicycle racks. For office workers, the building will also have a three-level underground parking garage and all the facilities for bicyclists (showers and lockers). The office building will also have a charging station for electric vehicles, relaxation areas, including green terraces on the roof. A fitness club is also planned.

The developer expects the project to be completed in the second quarter of 2023.