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The cooperation between Wroclaw and InPost has been going on for two years on different levels, although the common denominator is the broadly understood concern for the environment and the quality of life of residents.

InPost and white-green parcel machines

Among other things, the company is financially supporting the greening of the city, as well as greening what is its own - namely, the parcel machines.

Thank you for green parcel machines, for air pollution sensors installed on InPost devices. There are 65 of them, and there will be 100. Monitoring the air quality in different parts of the city is especially important now, when the heating season begins.

Jakub Mazur, deputy mayor of Wroclaw

Before signing the agreement, InPost summed up the activities to date. We have six greened devices in Wroclaw on TBS sites in Stablowice, Lesnica, Zakrzow and Brochow. This number is gradually growing. Another 10 machines have been selected in Ksieze Maly, Poswietne and Psie Pole, among others.

We are greening the parcel machines with sedum, but we are creating vertical gardens by planting ivy by the walls of the machines. A square meter of ivy has as much impact on air quality as a four-meter-tall tree. However, it is not only our equipment that we are focusing on. Indeed, we will increase the number of air sensors to 100 and they will transmit data to the city system. In cooperation with TBS and Wroclaw Housing, we have donated 22 containers for electro-waste so that residents can dispose of it more easily and properly.

Marta Zalewska, director of Partner Relations and InPost Green City program

InPost's step towards better air quality in the city is the development of a zero-emission fleet. The company already has a thousand electric cars, 70 of which drive around Wroclaw. In addition, our city will be enriched with 10 chargers for electric cars next year.

Scholarships for students

On this gray autumn day, I have to say that I'm going green. It's encouraging when private initiatives participate in something they don't have to participate in. Such is the case with the cooperation with InPost, which, in addition to greening the city, is taking another step: a scholarship program for Wroclaw students.

Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw

The scholarships may already be available starting next summer semester. The city and InPost still have to work out the details, which will be included in a draft resolution of the City Council. If councilors support the initiative, students covered by the program will be able to count on one thousand zlotys a month later this academic year and next calendar year.

Support will be given to projects aimed at improving the quality of life in the city, related to sustainable development in the broadest sense. Students function in the city, they know the needs of residents, they know what can be improved. We, through financial support, will give them more time to deal with the project, maybe they will be less consumed with earning their keep.

Ariel Wojciechowski, partner relations expert at InPost

One element of the program will be a stipend for authors of undergraduate, engineering or master's theses.

If the student's work addresses practical issues related to sustainable development, solves a problem, they can count on support. This is about small, even very local projects. He or she can see what his or her peers are facing, but also neighbors, the elderly, transportation passengers, and maybe find a way to improve the quality of life for a group of Wroclaw residents in one particular place.

Tomasz Janos, director of the Wroclaw Academic Center

Zak could receive one thousand zlotys each for nine months. But there is also a second scholarship area. Each student can receive a scholarship for a specific project, which does not have to be related to an engineering or master's thesis.

Money is not everything - experience is priceless

Ariel Wojciechowski and Tomasz Janos agree that this program is not just about money. Students will be able to gain experience in cooperation with business and with municipal government units. These are very useful skills when they finish their education and start their careers.

The added value is also that the students' projects will be able to. To diagnose a problem, to find a solution - this brings satisfaction. However, an implemented project that benefits everyone - this is a completely different scale, also projecting the perception of the resume by potential employers.