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We are in the process of creating a strategy for the development of Wroclaw until 2050. We already have a lot of material from consultations, workshops or analyses, and all these things are very important. But we are looking for something to bet on, some distinction that will make our choices easier, because we won't do everything. We care about different points of view, that's why the workshop brought together representatives of different backgrounds, including young male and female residents of Wroclaw.

Marzena Horak, director of the Office of City Strategy at the Wroclaw City Hall

The workshop participants met for two days at Bar Barbara. Divided into groups, they worked on various issues at several tables to discuss the conclusions they reached together at the end.

I'm here because I care about the development of Wroclaw. I love my city, I identify with it. Admittedly, I don't know if I will stay here or if my future work will bind me to another place, but I want the people of Wroclaw to live well here in a few decades.

Victoria Malec, student of Technical School No. 1

Victoria can be described as committed. She is active in her school's local government and contributes to the Wroclaw Youth Congress. As she says, meetings like the workshop at Barbara are inspiring. - I get to know new people and their perspective on various issues, I listen to their arguments. I influence the development of the city, but I also develop myself," says Victoria.

I live, I observe, I change," explains Wojciech Wodo, who represents the world of science and business at the same time, in three words his motivation for attending the workshop.

I am not able to move a lake and put a mountain in its place, but even small movements are able to bring about desired changes in the future. I am connected with Wroclaw and want to stay here. However, if the city changed in a way unacceptable to me, I would have to move out of it. And I wouldn't want that. That's why I prefer now, at such meetings, to give the changes the right direction.

Wojciech Wodo, employee of Wroclaw University of Technology, owner of a consulting company

The results of the workshop will be used in further work on the strategy, the analytical and design stage of which will last until the end of May.