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This year in late April and early May, more than 15,000 volunteers cleaned the banks of the
Oder River and its tributaries as part of the first edition of the Clean Oder Action. The next edition of this action was planned for May next year, but it turned out that the river needs help sooner.

Therefore, without waiting for spring, Odra community activists set out to collect funds to restore life to the river. Dominik Dobrowolski, together with the foundation 'Wroc ma Moc' and Credit Agricole bank as part of the initiative 'Action Clean Oder - ODROdzenie', they want to fundraise at least PLN 100,000 to raise one million fish of various species that will become the beginning of new life in the Oder River. The money is being collected on the portal Siepomaga at: www.siepomaga.pl/odrodzenie.

With this initiative, we want to thank all the wonderful people who at the end of July revealed the scale of the catastrophe, and then with their own hands fished out tons of dead fish from the Oder River and thus prevented secondary poisoning of the river. To ensure that this effort of theirs is not in vain, further efforts are needed to revive the entire Oder River ecosystem.

Dominik Dobrowolski

The organizers of the action consulted with scientists, naturalists and ecologists about their plans.

Actions undertaken as part of the 'ODROdzenie' action will be coordinated in cooperation with the Polish Anglers' Association.

We know that prior to restocking, thorough water purity studies must be conducted
and a professional plan for such an action is needed. But it is already necessary to order the breeding of fry and begin the logistical preparations. That's why we will donate the funds collected to regional angling associations, which will take care of this professionally.

Izabela Bodnar, president of the 'Wroc ma Moc' foundation.

The initiative 'Action Clean Oder - ODROdzenie' is aimed primarily at restoring the biodiversity of the
ecosystem of the river, there are also plans to take action to restore tourism, recreation, economy and cultural life along the Oder River.

We want to conduct a wide-ranging educational campaign on all the functions that the
river. We will teach about the Oder's plant and animal species, convince people of the advantages of tourism and recreation on the water, as well as emphasize the advantages of the river's renaturalization, or its 'savagery'.

Przemysław Przybylski, Credit Agricole spokesman.


We realize that all this will be neither easy nor cheap. That is why we need the help and involvement of all those to whom the good of the Oder River lies at heart. You can donate to the collection, but you can also monitor the cleanliness of the river, report littering and illegal sewage discharge. When the water contamination has passed, it will be a good idea to go back to relaxing by the river and supporting the people who make their living from it. Let's join forces, hands and hearts for the good future of the Oder.

Dominik Dobrowolski

Watch the 'Action Clean Oder - ODROdzenie' video.