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On October 20 2016, the conference Life Science Open Space - an international forum of innovation for health and life quality - will be held at the ICE Congress Centre as part of the Lesser Poland Festival of Innovation. This year, the event will take place for the sixth time. Life Science Open Space is an international open forum of innovation for Health and Life Quality, a platform for cooperation between people active in the fields of science, business, politics and administration - professionals, fans, and users of technologies pertaining to life science, medicine, pharmacy, food, environment and economy.  Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ is a Partner to the event, while our researchers Elżbieta Piątkowska PhD – Head of the Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Tomasz Lipiński PhD – Head of the Laboratory of Nanobioengineering will represent the centre on the panel entitled "Modern Diagnostics and Therapy". The conference programme will include a number of themed sessions: Research into the Development of Medicines, Active and Healthy Life, Silver Economy, Modern Diagnostics and Therapy, Digital Health, New Technologies and Therapeutic Devices, The Innovative Medical Centre, Healthy Food and Nutrition, Modern Sustainable Agriculture, The Environment - Environmental Factors to Health, Bioeconomy, and Design. Participants in the event will have an opportunity to meet partners willing to engage in the development of innovative ideas and projects, specialists in the areas of technology transfer, commercialisation and implementation, experts on problem solving ready to respond to needs and challenges, as well as first clients for new solutions.