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MidPoint71, on Powstańców Śląskich Street, is the biggest office building in Wroclaw completed this year. Echo Investment's investment expanded the office market in Wroclaw by more than 36 thousand sqm of space. The last such a large office complex in Wroclaw was in 2020. Business Garden Wroclaw on Legnicka Street.

MidPoint71 office building in the vicinity of Sky Tower - the highest skyscraper in Wroclaw

MidPoint71, in Powstańców Ślaskich Street, is an office building, which in its name has an area code to Wroclaw. The investor, Echo Investment, emphasizes that the leading slogan of the whole investment is "Hit the point - MidPoint71", which directly refers to the city center, and adding the number "71" taken from the area code of the capital of Lower Silesia emphasizes the Wroclaw spirit of this place. We wrote about the start of construction of MidPoint71 in January 2020.
The investment has been completed and now the 14-storey MidPoint71 is the largest office building completed in 2022 in Wroclaw. Medusa Group studio was responsible for the architectural design of MidPoint71.
MidPoint 71 was built in the vicinity of Sky Tower - the highest skyscraper in Wroclaw and Centrum Południe complex at Powstańców Śląskich Street.

MidPoint71 the biggest office building in Wroclaw in 2022

The MidPoint71 has over 36 thousand sqm of modern office space. The last such large office complex in Wroclaw was Business Garden Wrocław on Legniców Śląskich Street, completed in 2020. Business Garden Wrocław on Legnicka Street.
MidPoint71 is an office building, which from the beginning has enjoyed great interest from the market. The central location of the investment as well as its original, elegant architecture are the investment's distinguishing features and attract tenants

says Katarzyna Kubicka, regional director in Echo Investment's commercial department.

MidPoint71, see who works there

Companies have already opened their offices at MidPoint71: 3M, pyszne.pl, PwC, and since April this year also Electrolux Poland.

Wroclaw only after Cracow: the second regional office market in Poland

With the opening of MidPoint71, Wroclaw in 2022 has more than 1.28 million sqm of office space, and this means that the city is still in second place in terms of size among regional markets in Poland - the capital of Lower Silesia is only ahead of Cracow.

New office buildings in Wroclaw in 2022. See what is being built in 2022

If developers meet the deadlines, the Wroclaw office market will increase by over 90 thousand sqm by the end of 2022. There is almost 117 thousand sqm of office space under construction, 80 percent of which should be completed by the end of the year

says Anna Patrzyk-Sperzyńska, Associate Director, Knight Frank.
In 2022, there is 117 thousand sqm of office space under construction in Wroclaw, of which nearly 80 percent is expected to be ready by the end of this year. The largest investments still under construction are Centrum Południe II (20 thousand sqm, Skanska) and Infinity (22 thousand sqm, Avestus Real Estate).

Wroclaw: office market in Q1 2022

Why is Wroclaw an attractive place for business centers (BPO/SSC) and companies planning to enter the Polish market? And how much does it cost to rent an office in Wroclaw? - Answers to these questions are in the report "Wroclaw: the city's attractiveness and the office market in Q1 2022". published by the London-based Knight Frank - an international expert in advising on real estate markets.