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In Poland, the IT industry is developing mainly in large urban centers such as Wroclaw, which is a hub of modern information technology.

The future of IT will be the topic of the Digital Future panel discussion. During Made in Wroclaw, we will talk about how to take advantage of the future potential of both academia and the maturity and profile of companies operating in our area.

Mateusz Jarzombek, director of the Business Support Center at the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency

Necessary cooperation between science and business

The strength of Wroclaw's IT sector is known and appreciated both in Poland and abroad. Analyzing its potential and possibilities is a way to show the trends governing the entire IT sector.

Wroclaw is already a strong academic and economic center in the ICT industry. A large business services sector, software companies and R&D centers are the hallmark of our city. To preserve this and increase the ICT sector's share of the labor market, cooperation between the academic sector, large ICT companies and the startup community must be maintained and strengthened. The key to the sector's development is to educate high-level professionals and give them a good start in the local labor market, as well as the sector's innovation.

Zbigniew Traczyk, CEO of Kyndryl Customer Innovation Center

Other experts are of a similar opinion, pointing out that the IT market, despite numerous global crises, is consistently going from strength to strength and offers new growth prospects.

Wroclaw is undoubtedly a city driven by innovation, whose advantages are its excellent universities, qualified specialists, modern scientific and research centers, as well as its openness and international character. It is these qualities that attract investors and specialists from all over the world. The key to the further development of the innovation hub is the strongest possible integration of science and business, which will allow the creation of more innovative projects and even better use of the potential of Wroclaw companies.

Dr. Rafal Golab, partner, legal counsel at JP Weber

They will talk about competitive advantage in IT

What future awaits the IT sector? What constitutes its competitive advantage and which specializations have the greatest potential in the future? These questions, among others, will be answered by the Digital Future panel discussion, which will feature experts from JP Weber, Coventry University, SoftServe Poland, CShark, Kyndryl Customer Innovation Center. The experts will define the opportunities and threats arising from the future of the IT industry.

We are facing difficult times - climate crisis, post-pandemic reality, ongoing war, social changes due to generational differences. The future is uncertain. However, it seems almost certain that the ICT industry will be able to help with many of the problems ahead - building a digital alternative. Work, social life, education, and medicine have already undergone significant digitization, and it will grow by the day. The coming Web 3.0 era will result in the fact that every person will no longer be able to become not only a co-creator of digital reality, but also its owner.

Martyna Mrozek, Head of Design, CSHARK

The panel discussion will be full of examples of solutions, good practices and lots of inspiration. Like the whole conference, it will present different perspectives of looking into the future.

Take part in Made in Wroclaw 2022!

Made in Wroclaw is a celebration of innovation that attracts hundreds of entrepreneurs and experts from the world of science to the Wroclaw Congress Center every year. This year it is being held under the theme "Future Mindset".

The event will feature three panel discussions and lectures full of not only futuristic approaches, but also practice. As always, there will be no shortage of examples of actions and successes of companies from the local market, as well as inspiration, which will be shared, among others, by keynote speaker Natalia Hatalska. Discussions will include the future of the ICT industry, the changing labor market and the increasingly strong space industry in Lower Silesia.

Made in Wroclaw 2022 kicks off on October 18. To attend, visit the event's website, where you can buy a ticket to the conference or make a free registration for the EXPO and startup networking event.

Made in Wroclaw 2022 is organized by the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency and the City of Wroclaw. The conference is held under the honorary patronage of Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University, Wroclaw University of Economics, AHK Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, AmCham American Chamber of Commerce and Scandinavian - Polish Chamber of Commerce.