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LG Energy Solution Wroclaw is one of the largest investors in Lower Silesia and the region's largest private employer. The company supports technical schools and universities. Just LG Energy Solution Wroclaw donated more than PLN 600 000 for the development of students at the Wroclaw University of Technology.

The cooperation between LG Energy Solution Wrocław and the Wrocław University of Technology is an opportunity for the development of the entire electromobility sector in Poland.

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw's grant to the university will enable the creation of a specialized laboratory where students will gain experience and expand their technical knowledge. The Electromobility Laboratory will be equipped with, among other things, a permanent magnet DC motor, a specialized power supply for electric drives, a model of an electric bicycle or a set of components for fuel cell testing.

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw is developing thanks to the best talent: specialists and experts from all over Poland, especially from Lower Silesia. It is here that we create cutting-edge technologies, also in cooperation with the academic community. We are happy to support Wroclaw University of Technology and its students. We believe that our contribution will contribute to the development of many talented young people - the cadres of the future. Together, we will contribute to the development of the Polish economy and strengthen Poland's position as a European leader in the thriving electromobility industry.

Jangha Lee, President of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw

LG Energy Solution Wrocław - Wroclaw University of Technology: research work, internships and apprenticeships

Thanks to the support, an electromobility laboratory dedicated primarily to the students of our new faculty will be established at our department. The agreement signed today is the culmination of our cooperation to date, and the amount donated will be used to purchase, among other things, power electronics systems related to electric vehicles.

Mateusz Dybkowski, Ph.D., professor of the university, associate dean for research and development

The grant for the construction of the laboratory is not the only support for the Wroclaw University of Technology. LG Energy Solution Wrocław has also assumed patronage of the Electromobility course conducted at the university's Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

In the 2021/2022 academic year, we launched a new course of study at our faculty - electromobility. In order to conduct it and further develop it, we need a suitable laboratory base. We are not able to obtain all the equipment ourselves, among other things, due to their high cost, which is why we have partnered with LG Energy Solution Wrocław, which supports us in this regard.

says Prof. Waldemar Rebizant, dean at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Wrocław University of Technology

Wroclaw electromobility hub

Poland is one of the world leaders in electromobility. It is Europe's largest and the world's fifth largest supplier of lithium-ion batteries and their components for electric cars. In 2021, the value of exports in this area reached more than €6.5 billion.

More than 10,000 people work at the technology park, which covers an area of more than 100 hectares. Another 1,000 jobs will be created once the plant reaches its maximum production capacity (115 GWh).

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw jobs and employment

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw is Europe's largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars. The plant operates in Biskupice Podgórne, located southwest of Wroclaw.

Those interested in working at LG Energy Solution Wroclaw can go to lgensol.pl, apply for a position of their choice and wait for a recruiter to call.

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw (former LG Chem) is an investment of more than 3 billion euros. It makes Poland the largest exporter of car batteries in the European Union. Construction of the first and largest electric car battery factory in Europe began in 2016, and production started in 2017. Among its customers are automotive brands such as Audi, BMW, Dacia, Fiat, Ford, Porsche and Volkswagen.