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This is the first allocation of the resources received by the Silesian labor office in the latest Regional Operational Programme for Lower Silesia province. In total we will receive more than 36 million zloty to support entrepreneurship and the unemployed.

On Thursday, August 20, directors of the district labor offices of Lower Silesia signed an agreement on subsidies from EU funds under the new ROP. The transfer of contracts took place in Wroclaw and Walbrzych, in the presence of representatives of the province authorities and the Lower Silesian Regional Labor Office.

EU funds will be used for non-repayable grants for the unemployed to set up a business, internships, training, intervention works and the reimbursement of commuting costs. PortalSamorządowy.pl writes: "Lower Silesia is a leader in the implementation of the Regional Operational Programme in the country".

According to the information provided on the site of the Lower Silesian Regional Labor Office, Lower Silesians registered as unemployed will be able to receive non-repayable grants worth up to 24 thousand zloty to start a business. The district labor offices will also receive 6 thousand zloty per participant in an internship, an average of more than 5,200 zloty for each participant in training and over 5 thousand zloty for intervention works.

Wroclaw and the Wroclaw sub-region has therefore received 9.89 million zloty to support nearly 1,051 people. This will go to the following districts:

  • Milicki district - 626.5 thousand zloty,
  • Oleśnicki district - 1.29 million zloty,
  • Oławski district - 988.6 thousand zloty,
  • Strzeliński district - 713.8 thousand zloty,
  • Średzki district - 620.6 thousand zloty,
  • Trzebnicki district - 967.9 thousand zloty,
  • Wołowski district - 928 thousand zloty,
  • Wrocław County and the city of Wrocław - 3.75 million zloty.

By 2020 - within the entire region – 3,800 people will benefit from the EU funds (giving 36.32 million zloty at the disposal of Lower Silesia). The Jeleniogórski sub-region receives 8.81 million zloty, which will be assigned to 900 people; the sub-region of Legnica-Głogów - 6.14 million zloty for 700 people; and the Wałbrzyski sub-region - 11.47 million zloty for 1,200 people.

More information on this program is on the website of Regional Operational Programme for the Lower Silesia region (http://www.rpo.dwup.pl/pl-stronaglowna.html).

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