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The use of new and energy-saving LED luminaires will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the amount of nearly 4.5 thousand. tons of CO2 per year. The reduction of this greenhouse gas is equivalent to the reduction of the annual carbon dioxide emissions of 5,465 combustion-engine passenger cars!

The main assumptions of the investment are to reduce CO2 emissions, improve working conditions and increase safety at the SWISS KRONO production plant in Żary. In addition to ensuring appropriate standards of light intensity at workplaces, the producer of wood-based materials from Żary pays special attention to the implementation of a sustainable development policy, beneficial from the point of view of today's economy and future generations.

As part of the project, prepared and supervised by DB Energy, the most modern solutions were selected that will ensure appropriate working conditions in the long term and a high level of automation of solutions using the control systems used. The modernization is comprehensive and applies to both external lighting, workstations and emergency lighting.

The tender for the implementation of such a complex challenge was won by a company offering a full package including: the most energy-saving solutions, comprehensive lighting modernization with a warranty package, a modern control system and high quality lighting.

The conclusion of the contract was preceded by an energy efficiency audit. The scope of this audit included the installation of the current conventional lighting used in SWISS KRONO. Based on the results of the audit, three criteria were adopted which influenced the choice of LED technology. The first is the environmental aspect, the second is related to the improvement of the safety and comfort of our colleagues in the workspace, and the third is the financial aspect related to the savings that this type of solution will bring in the future. This investment, like all the projects implemented in recent years at SWISS KRONO, is focused on looking for solutions that will benefit the environment, employees and the economy. The implemented modernization will include external and internal lighting. Thanks to this investment, we will optimize the number of necessary lamps in the SWISS KRONO area, taking into account all applicable requirements and standards. Importantly, LED lighting will not generate additional heat, which will additionally affect the comfort of work in production halls, which is particularly important in the summer - explains Tomasz Rola, Management Board Representative for Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety, Swiss Krono Sp. z o.o.

The entire project is to be completed within 12 months, and the work will be carried out on an active facility without disrupting the current operation of the plant.

With energy prices currently soaring, industrial plants urgently need energy efficiency upgrades and projects. What pleases me the most, however, is the awareness of companies such as SWISS KRONO that, in addition to CO2 reduction and electricity savings, safe and comfortable working conditions for employees are equally important - says Maciej Szott, Vice President of Luxon Sp. z o.o.


SWISS KRONO sp. O. O. is a leader on the Polish market for the production of wood-based panels and products. The company, based in Żary, was established in 1994 and is part of the SWISS KRONO GROUP, a world leader in the wood-based products industry. Today, SWISS KRONO incandescent lamps produce a total of about 1.5 million m3 of various types of wood-based panels annually and exports products to 70 countries on all continents. The current offer includes wood-based products from three industries - furniture, construction and finishing. The Polish plants employ over 1,100 people, and the entire SWISS KRONO group employs over 5,500 people in the following countries: Switzerland, France, Germany, the United States, Ukraine, Hungary and Russia. More information about the company www.swisskrono.pl

Luxon LED helps the management and technical staff in selecting the best lighting that provides: comfort for employees, increases productivity, reduces the number of accidents and reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Our team has gained experience on 6,949 projects across Europe in the sectors of industry, logistics, trade and road infrastructure.