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We are very pleased to announce that construction work on the exterior and interior of L'UNI is nearing completion. The common spaces are already being finished. The installation of sanitary and electrical systems has been completed. The elevators are ready. Tests and technical acceptance are currently being performed. Advanced work is also underway on the exterior of the building. The body of the building already has the target appearance. Plaster has already been laid, historic elements have been restored, i.e. bust sculptures on the top of pilasters. Now the area in the vicinity of L'UNI is being cleaned up and landscaped.

Waldemar Weintritt, Project Engineer at JP Weber consulting firm, which is providing investment supervision for L'UNI.

An office building with a stunning view of bridges and islands

L'UNI owes its unique character to a combination of historic elements and modern architectural thought. Noteworthy is the glazed roof, which was covered with a ceramic print. The investor decided to use such a solution to emphasize the unique character of the investment.

The upper storey, thanks to the glazing, will allow admiring the panorama of the University Bridges, Tamka Street and Slodowa Island.

L'UNI was built in the former building of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical Academy. The building's name refers to the French word 'L'Université' which is inseparable from the history of the place.

Located in the Old Town area, next to the main building of Wroclaw University, this neo-renaissance building from 1866 offers a unique view of the Oder River. The revitalization of the building began in mid-2020 and was carried out under the watchful eye of the preservationist.

About 3,600 sqm of office space in the city center

The completion date is scheduled for August 2022. Both the investor and the studio responsible for the project, "Mackow Pracownia Projektowa", were keen to restore the building to its former splendor and combine historical architecture with modern solutions. The office building offers about 3,600 sqm of office space.

The building at 9 Grodzka Street, the former seat of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Wroclaw, is part of the frontage of the university buildings stretching along the Oder River in the northern part of the Old Town. It is directly adjacent to some of the most recognizable buildings in Wroclaw - the Main Building of Wroclaw University and the Ossolineum Library.

It is located just 300 meters from the Market Square, while it is only a few steps away from the full of green Odra islands. The building will be completely modernized and finished to the highest standard. All assets of the historic building will be preserved, as well as the necessary amenities dedicated to office buildings, including air conditioning, access control, modern conference rooms and infrastructure for cyclists.