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Until the end of the year, the company Nestle wants to have 800-strong staff in its production facility near Wrocław, as the conglomerate plans development of more production sheds.

Nestlé intends to increase employment in the pet food production facility Nestlé Purina in Nowa Wieś Wrocławska which it opened in March 2015. As the company informed, the current 300 new employees are to join the existing 500-strong staff.

"Already in March 2015, when we were launching the facility in Nowa Wieś Wrocławska, we created over 200 new workplaces, planning to have 800 employees after about 4 years of operation on the Lower Silesian market. Today our target is to have 800-strong staff before the end of 2016" - said Purina facility's recruitment manager Renata Puciłowska, quoted in the release.

The plans involve development of more production sheds. Nestlé has informed that it is currently in the process of intense recruitment of employees for positions of automated production line machinery operators and forklift truck drivers.

Source: forsal.pl