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The initiative entails supporting Ukraine's academic community by involving partner institutions in activities undertaken under Unite! Erasmus+, in the working area 'An Open Innovation Community for the Green Transition.' Wroclaw University of Science and Technology is the leader of this project.

An equally important goal is to establish cooperation between Ukrainian universities and the Unite! This will facilitate the country's post-war reconstruction process in the future and will be an important step in Ukraine's integration into the European Union.

The implementation of this project is a milestone on the path of cooperation between the European University and Ukrainian universities.

Prof. Arkadiusz Wójs, Rector of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

- I am glad that it is PWr that can play an important role in facilitating our Ukrainian colleagues' cooperation with the consortium and, consequently, with partners from all over Europe. We view this action as an expression of solidarity with the Ukrainian academic community at this exceptionally difficult time," adds Prof. Arkadiusz Wójs.

Talks on cooperation

In connection with the launch of the project, a meeting was organized at PWr between representatives of all Ukrainian partner universities and representatives of the Unite!

The network is represented, among others, by Andreas Winkler, secretary general of Unite! PWr authorities also took part in the talks (January 25-28). The participants dealt with the development and approval of the project work plan.

Cooperation with the academic community of Ukraine means great opportunities for our alliance and has significant political significance. Today's meeting is also important because we can discuss together a plan for cooperation and support in the area of ecology and green transformation. The findings will be crucial in the process of rebuilding Ukraine.

Andreas Winkler, secretary general of the consortium Unite!

Green standards at Ukrainian universities

The project is based on four main tasks.

The first is to develop green standards for Ukrainian universities for education and research activities in the field of engineering and technical sciences, and to develop a local version of these standards that takes into account the specifics of Ukrainian universities.

The second task is to develop a model of a green campus and implement the standards in the area of research and teaching activities and campus operations.

Implementation of a 2-week course on 'Green Technologies for the Development of Ukrainian Society', which will be attended by students from Ukrainian universities and by teachers from universities affiliated with the Unite! alliance. - is the third task of the project. The course will cover issues from disciplines that will be applicable to the process of reconstruction and modernization of Ukraine's industry and infrastructure.

The final task will be the development and implementation of a micro-certification system for Ukrainian students on topics thematically related to green transformation.

The following Ukrainian universities will participate in the project:

  • Sumy State University (Сумський державний університет),
  • Dniprovska Polytechnic University (Національний ТУ "Дніпровська політехніка"),
  • Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (Харківський національний університет радіоелектроніки),
  • Lutsk National Technical University (Луцький національний технічний університет).
  • Odessa National Polytechnic University (Національний університет "Одеська політехніка"),
  • Khmelnytskyi National University (Хмельницький національний університет),
  • Lviv Polytechnic National University (Національний університет Львівська політехніка").

The project is funded by the National Agency for Academic Exchange in the amount of PLN 882,446; it will be implemented until December 31, 2023.