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ING Tech, EY, Accenture and Kyndryl (ex IBM) are proof that together you can do more. There is no doubt that these experienced companies have in their ranks the best professionals, who have polished their knowledge for decades and often used it in practice. 

Jarosław Jackowiak from Kyndryl emphasises that the Corporate Readiness Certificate Programme is a very important part of the responsible business strategy (CSR), which they implement on the Wroclaw market.

- It is a unique initiative of companies, which compete with each other every day, but together want to equip students and graduates with practical knowledge needed to work in business services and IT sector. This knowledge and contact with business practitioners ideally complements the academic education provided to students at the universities in Wroclaw, which are educational partners of the CRC programme. The initiative is elitist and CRC certificate is recognized on the market not only among IT companies such as Kyndryl

- says Jarosław Jackowiak, Kyndryl Customer Innovation Center Wroclaw.

Last year more than 1,300 students applied for the programme, more than 400 started after the entrance exams and only 240 finished and passed the final exams.

Corporate Readiness Certificate 2022: registration until 13 February

In February, students at partner universities across Poland will have the opportunity to sign up for webinars of their choice, the completion of which will be crowned with a certificate. The choices this year are: 

  • Quality Engineering Development
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Cloud Applications Development
  • Cloud Development and Operations
  • Mainframe
  • Microsoft Data
  • Employer brand management and employee development in IT organizations
  • Penetration Testing of Web Applications
  • OT/IoT Cybersecurity & Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • ServiceNow Fundamentals
  • SAP Platform for Business Applications
  • Analytics in credit risk management
  • Management in SCRUM teams
  • MsSQL
  • Oracle SQL/PLSQL - Introduction
  • Risk model management in the era of big data
  • Project Management in shared service
  • Communication and multiculturalism in business
  • Oracle to the infinity and beyond
  • Change - the biggest trend beyond 2020
  • Design Journey 
  • Project Management with AGILE methodology
  • IT Services Management
  • Client Management in IT Environment
  • Architecture in IT
  • Design Thinking in a Nutshell (Basic)
  • Design Thinking - Facilitation (Advanced)
  • Service Now
  • Administration in Project Management - PMO
  • Hybrid Management Tools
  • Artificial Intelligence for Companies & Enterprises

The organisers emphasise that the classes are an excellent option for people who already have their career preferences in mind, for those who are still hesitating, and also for those who assume that the corpo is not for them - this is a great opportunity to find out in practice. 

Corporate Readiness Certificate 2022: calendar

Registration for the webinars is open until 13 February. Then there will be entrance exams (22-23.02), exam checking (24.02- 2.03), online classes (from 7.03 to the end of May), final exams and projects (end of May) and a final gala in June. Corporate Readiness Certificate 2022, links to enrolment posts: facebook and linkedin.