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The meeting in Siechnice was already the fifth meeting of the "No Micro No Macro" series, which have been organized since April by the Wroclaw Technology Park, the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency and the Wroclaw Agglomeration Association.

According to Magdalena Okulowska, president of ARAW, cooperation with the Siechnice municipality has been going on for years, but this time the idea is to work directly with entrepreneurs.

We want to draw them into joint agglomeration networking so that they exchange knowledge. We encourage local business to get together. We can help with training, organization of interesting events, and we also serve with specific promotional and financial tools. We want to create a functional agglomeration system.

Magdalena Okulowska

Open meetings have been lacking so far

According to Lukasz Kropski, Chairman of the Siechnice Residents' Council, this was a very important and fruitful event.

The Siechnice meeting No Micro No Macro brought together big business and small entrepreneurs. There has been a lack of such open meetings where you can exchange experiences, get to know each other's businesses, and talk about opportunities for cooperation. I hope that this initiative will bring something good for the development of Siechnic entrepreneurship.

Lukasz Kropski

Cooperation that can bring tangible results

According to Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw, Bartlomiej Ciazynski, it is sometimes difficult to say that the smallest entrepreneurs are micro, since they generate 30% of Polish GDP and employ 40% of all employees and account for 97% of businesses in Poland. That is why it is all the more necessary to support them.

We come with a concrete offer to transfer knowledge, build a contact base, promote local entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. We want to offer what we have to offer in ARAW, the Wroclaw Technology Park and the Wroclaw Agglomeration Association, and we want Sichniki entrepreneurs to take advantage of it.

Bartlomiej Ciazynski

Satisfied entrepreneurs

According to Sylwia Galan, co-owner of Hyberion Park in Siechnice, where the "No Micro No Macro" meeting was held, this is a very valuable initiative.

Meetings where we can get together are very valuable for small entrepreneurs. I learned a lot of interesting things and met many interesting people. I am glad that I was able to participate in this event.

Sylwia Galan

"Without Micro There Is No Macro" is a project initiated by the Wroclaw Technology Park. Since April, the WPT, together with the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency and the Wroclaw Agglomeration Association, has been organizing a series of meetings with micro-entrepreneurs, which include municipalities neighboring the province's capital. Their purpose is to promote and strengthen companies doing business in the Wroclaw agglomeration. The project has already included competitions to promote local companies, the creation of a database of information on micro-entrepreneurship and the Wroclaw Craftsman campaign.