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The National Key Cluster status is granted at the national level by the Ministry of Development and Technology based on the results of the competition. The selection system for the National Key Clusters is a three-stage process of evaluating the most important areas of cluster operations, including infrastructure and finance, human resources, economic potential, knowledge creation and transfer, public policy activities, customer orientation, cluster success and prevention of negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

- We have come a long way to obtain this title. This is a big success for us. It will allow us to sail into wider waters and present our offer to a larger number of interested parties, especially in the Nutribiomed field - says Kamila Bartosik, Director of Customer Service and Research Projects at WPT.

The National Key Cluster status is granted as an element of the cluster policy, which is supposed to strengthen cooperation between stakeholders representing various environments, industries and technologies and contribute to the development of a competitive economy based on research, development and innovation.

The Nutribiomed cluster will hold the status of National Key Cluster until December 31, 2024.

Food, biotechnology and medicine

Nutribiomed Cluster is a food-biotechnology-biomedical cluster, which was created in 2007 based on the concept of Prof. Tadeusz Trziszka from Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

From the beginning its role was to build a strong Polish position in the sector of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and biomedical preparations, as well as the use of modern technologies based on domestic, natural raw materials for their production. The scope of Nutribiomed's work also includes food preservation technologies and the introduction of modern bio-packaging systems.

The main objective of the cluster is to facilitate the transfer of innovative technologies between R&D units and business, mainly from the SME sector.

Top technologies count

Highly innovative technological companies associated in the cluster, operating on the basis of their own know-how and modern technical solutions, are crucial for the functioning of the entire consortium.

One of the most important values of the cluster is an open communication between associated companies from different industries, as well as enabling them to actively cooperate with the academic environment, which as a result leads to stimulating the development of competitiveness and entrepreneurship of these companies.

Modern research facilities

Members of Nutribiomed cluster can use services of the Experimental Department of Wrocław Technology Park, which offers production infrastructure for entities from the food industry. It enables the production of highest quality products, which thanks to linking modern technologies with knowledge and experience of cluster companies can be introduced to the retail market.

The financial and infrastructural support of the Wrocław Technology Park ensures that members of the Nutribiomed Cluster can participate in significant projects. One of them resulted in designing and constructing a modern technological line for manufacturing dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and biomedical preparations. Thanks to the R&D activity and the technological line, some companies have transferred their laboratory ideas to the semi-industrial scale.