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The tallest building in Wroclaw? Sky Tower, of course. 212 meters. The tallest office building? This is a much more difficult question due to the problem of assigning specific buildings to this category.

There are several candidates. Among them, one of the buildings of the South Center, being constructed next to the Sky Tower - 55 meters. However, this is not enough compared to the Quorum tower, planned for Sikorskiego Street in Szczepin. It will grow to 140 meters. However, it will be part of a mixed-use development, so we conclude that it is out of competition.

Artefakt, or one of the tallest office buildings in Wroclaw

Artefakt, until recently called Wielka 27, can be considered the tallest strictly office building in Wroclaw. At the intersection of Wielka and Powstancow Slaskich Streets, it has been under construction for five years by i2 Development, a development company from Wroclaw. The office building has 15 above-ground levels (ground plus floors) and measures 60 meters.

The upper floors offer a magnificent view of the city, and the top floors even overlook the nearby mountain ranges surrounding the Wroclaw Flatland.

i2 Development

On August 17, we checked it out in person. We rode the forklift to the top floor to take a look at Wroclaw from above. The view is not bad, to the four sides of the world. What strikes the eye is the tallest thing in the neighborhood:

  • the church tower on Sztabowa Street - 78 meters,
  • The water tower on Wisniowa Avenue - 62 meters,
  • Silver Tower at the railway station - 55 meters,
  • Z building of the University of Economics - 36 meters,
  • Manhattan - Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak's characteristic residential skyscrapers on Grunwald - 55 meters,
  • Kredka and Olowek dormitories - 85 meters and 70 meters,
  • and several others, such as the well-known characteristic residential galleries on Powstańców Śląskich Street or the church tower on Krucza Street.

No building can compare with Sleza, 717.5 meters, looming on the horizon.

Glass on the facades, and inside: stone, metal, concrete and terrazzo

Scaffolding is being removed from the office building. Glass facades can already be seen, which will make the body of the building appear light, and make the offices (open space type) and other rooms bright.

The exterior walls are all glass, with floor-to-ceiling high, tilt-up window quarters with double glazing to level out noise coming from the street

i2 Development

Inside, in addition to offices, plans include a 24-hour reception desk, underground parking, bicycle accommodations and retail and service areas.

Dominika Kowalska, leasing director at i2 Development, believes that Artefakt will distinguish the interior design from other office buildings in the city. It is to be associated with luxury hotels. Mainly due to four dominant materials: stone, terrazzo, metal and concrete.

"The arrangement of the space shows timelessness, unique design and the presence of artifacts of classicism, which perfectly complement the minimalist, modern design, while colorful accessories warm up the whole," the folder reads.

The project was prepared by MIXD studio and Chamielec Architekci.

The Artefakt office building is expected to be ready this year. It is i2 Development's third office building in Wroclaw, after New Alexanderhaus near Jana Pawla II Square and Twelve on Olawska Street.

More new office buildings on Powstancow Slaskich Street

Near Artefakt, on the opposite side of Powstancow Slaskich Street, construction of Centrum Poludnie is underway. This is a group of five buildings combining office, service and recreational functions. So far the developer, Skanska, has completed the first phase. The second is under construction and is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

Next to Center South, MidPoint71, recently launched by Echo Invesment, is already in operation. Several companies from various industries have opened offices in the 14-story building.

This shows that the Powstancow Slaskich estate is becoming increasingly attractive to developers investing in office buildings.