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The Wroclaw Technology Park has extended the Chemistry and Biotechnology Laboratory, where Wroclaw entrepreneurs can develop their innovative products and services. Over 650 sq. m of laboratory space has just been put at their disposal. Interest was so great that all of the innovative research space has already been rented.

WPT already has over 66 thousand sq. m of space available for entrepreneurs in Wroclaw. Currently, over 50% of it is laboratory and production-prototype space. New laboratories are dedicated to companies from biotechnology and chemical industries. This is an example that shows how we support innovative business in Wroclaw. We are constantly investing in the expansion of modern research and development facilities. In 2019, we opened the Drug Technology Development Laboratory, and today we are opening a new part of the Chemistry and Biotechnology Laboratory. We will certainly not stop at that. In WPT, businesses will always find top-class facilities to develop innovations. - Maciej Potocki, President of Wroclaw Technology Park

Space for ambitious projects

Currently, there are over 200 companies operating in WTP, focused on innovative, technological activities and those that support Wroclaw and Lower Silesia in their development.

This space that has just been given to us creates Wroclaw that we are proud of. Wroclaw Technology Park has the ambition to implement projects that are not obvious and are difficult. These are the solutions that we later boast about. I am glad that business is still very eagerly looking for such spaces. - Jakub Mazur, Vice President of Wroclaw 

A pearl on a European scale

Wroclaw Technology Park currently houses 12 laboratories and prototyping rooms that are available for Wroclaw innovators. The use of those laboratories and prototyping facilities allowed many companies, operating e.g. in the field of chemistry and biotechnology, not only to enter the market, but also achieve international success.

Entrepreneurs can also count on electronic, mechanical, spintronics and material properties laboratories. We also have at our disposal personnel and equipment, as well as full infrastructure ensuring execution of basic research, technology development and full research and development activity. The experimental facility, of which we are very proud, is a unique gem on a European scale. It is a place that meets all the requirements and rigorous conditions to produce a marketable product on a small scale. - Karolina Bartosik, Director of Customer Service and Research Projects Division of WPT.

A good place for start-ups

Modern laboratories can be used by every interested company that will establish cooperation with WPT. It is a good solution especially for startups that can carry out specialized research and development work in an innovative environment. It is important because there is no need to invest in equipment for their own laboratory, which can be an insurmountable investment barrier for startups.

Our laboratories help these very ambitious and innovative companies. This is our task and mission. Today, our park is more manufacturing, research and prototyping than it was a dozen years ago. Some entrepreneurs even set up their technological lines here, which is always a great event and joy for us. - Maciej Potocki, President of Wroclaw Technology Park

From a student notebook to big business

About 5 million PLN was invested in the expansion of the new WPT laboratory area dedicated to chemistry and biotechnology. It is already being used by the first companies, among which are: Solution4, which aims to create and implement new technologies on global markets, QNA Technology, which conducts research and development in the field of nanotechnology, and Spinprot, which carries out projects in the field of biotechnology using non-pathogenic microorganisms.

This year's plans include the completion of at least 450 sqm of laboratory space intended for the chemical and bioengineering industry.

We are trying to make these spaces as multidisciplinary as possible. We are committed to attracting residents and scientists in the fields of chemistry, bioengineering, biotechnology, microbiology. Our laboratories are adapted and equipped with high quality equipment to meet their goals. We hope to generate new ideas and startups here, and grow companies from micro to larger. WPT is a place where you can start with a student notebook and end up with a great business. - Karolina Bartosik, Director of Customer Service and Research Projects Division of WPT.

The expansion of the Chemistry and Biotechnology Laboratory Complex in the WPT, which is located in the Delta building at Dunska 9 Street, was realized as part of the project "Development of the pro-innovation business environment support offer in the Wroclaw Technology Park - INNOPOLISnext", co-financed with EU ERDF funds under the Regional Operational Programme for the Lower Silesian Voivodship (RPOWD) 2014-2020 Oś Priorytetowa 1 „Przedsiębiorstwa i innowacje” Działanie 1.2 „Innowacyjne przedsiębiorstwa”.