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The Wrocław-based startup PayEye has just been added to the list of the 5 best biometric security systems StartUs Insights. In total, 280 enterprises were recorded in this category on the global startup map. StartUs Insights presents world-wide information on innovation, the latest companies and technologies. The platform has reviewed over 2 million startups and scaleups (companies growing at a rate of 20% per year over the past three years) around the world.

PayEye representatives admit that they are making a revolution in payments. It is the capital of Lower Silesia and its surroundings are the first places in the world where you can pay with just a one look.

It is a safe and fast technology that allows you to experience true freedom. We do not need to have a card, cash or a phone with us, and we can pay for everything. One look is literally enough -Krystian Kulczycki, President of PayEye.

PayEye Wrocław: fintech, i.e. technological innovations in the finance sector

The Wrocław-based fintech PayEye was the first in the world to commercially make available a complete payment system based on the acceptance of payments through user identification using iris biometrics.

Its creators emphasize that it is the most secure payment confirmation option in the world. The implementation of the PayEye service began in June 2021 in Wrocław. As part of a pilot project, it was made available in over 150 points of the city and the surrounding area. These are i.a. restaurants, shops, gas stations, but also Wrocław's MPK, aquapark and Nowe Horyzonty Cinema. Krystian Kulczycki points out that the first pilot shows that the payment solution is not only fast, but also safe. Read also: PayEye is the laureate of "30 Creative Wrocław 2020".

That is why we want to disseminate and promote this biometric solution not only in Poland and Europe, but also all over the world. The reason is simple, our system can be implemented by banking and financial partners and ready to be made available on the commercial market. The biometric identification service can be used not only for payments, but also for everyday life in a broad sense. It can be a method of accessing rooms, confirming contracts, decisions or identifying people in all places where identification is crucial - adds President Kulczycki. 

Gitex in Dubai and PayEye

The interest in PayEye's possibilities can be seen in the Middle East. This is one of the reasons why, from 17 to 21 October 2021, fintech will be exhibiting at the Gitex conference in Dubai, which attracts exhibitors, investors and participants from all over the world.

It is here that the premiere of the new version of the eyePOS 2.0 device, designed by Wrocław pioneers, which will be implemented in selected locations in Wrocław shortly after returning from the fair, is planned.