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"Pitch Me Baby" is a cyclical event during which startup owners practice presentations of their projects in front of investors, experts and mentors. It is attended mainly by those who want to improve their ability to present their business idea in an attractive way.

The formula of the event is 5-minute performances by all participants, after which they receive immediate feedback, i.e. honest and direct information from the jury and other people present at the meeting. This allows everyone who chooses to perform to hear from the audience right away what they think of their presentation. This allows speakers to perfect the ability to present their own ideas.

This is the fourth time we are hosting the event in Wroclaw thanks to Startup Wroclaw, our great local partner that animates the local startup ecosystem. We are very happy to have five wonderful ladies on our stage on the eve of Women's Day.

Maciej Koltonski, co-founder of Pitch Me Baby

Five creative women

This time, on the occasion of Women's Day, five creative women presented their business ideas. The jury selected two winning startups. One of them is Nano Diamonds, represented by Magdalena Kolda, who talked about the technology that enables the purchase of diamonds from places that respect the environment and their employees.

This award means a lot to me, because I will be able to present our idea in front of investors. At the moment we badly need them to push our technology forward and get customers.

Magdalena Kolda

Another winning presentation was for a project optimizing city traffic with better control of traffic lights using artificial intelligence, among other things. It was presented by Joanna Michalska, founder of Trafics.

This victory was quite unexpected for me. I am a rather technological person and rarely present something in front of a larger audience.

Joanna Michalska

What counts is courage and determination

According to the jury, it was very interesting that the presenters dealt with the solution of specific problems concerning labor organization, environmental protection or deeptech, among others.

We really liked the fact that the girls had the courage to come forward and are so determined in promoting their projects that they want to present them at such events. This gives them a chance to develop and go further.

Agnieszka Mlodzińska - Granek from SWPS, member of the jury

The first prize was the participation of two people in two selected workshops and an appearance in the finals of the competition during Evolutions: Meetup & Showcase, which will take place on June 19 and 20, 2024, while the second prize is tickets to Made in Wroclaw on October 24 this year. Both prizes were sponsored by Startup Wroclaw.

A chance to meet technology enthusiasts and investors

The Pitch Me Baby series of meetings is organized in many different Polish cities and during the most important technology conferences in the region. During the meetings you can meet technology enthusiasts from different parts of the world and talk to investors and mentors. Participation in each event is free and usually attracts several hundred participants.

The venture is supported by Accelpoint, Poland's leading startup gas pedal in cooperation with other Polish gas pedals, VC funds, business angels, startup mentors, advisors and other startups.