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New trains from the Bydgosz based Pesa plant have had their first regular runs on
Lower Silesian rails. Pesa's Darts had a very warm passengers' reception.

The train’s first run to reach the capital of Lower Silesia was the InterCity Słowacki, which departed from the Warsaw East station at 11.54 a.m. The InterCity type train tickets cost the same as TLK trains. What is supposed to make them stand out is the new rolling stock
as well as the bar compartment.

Passengers have been able to use the Pesa to get to Warsaw (02.24 p.m. train). From next weekend on, one will reach the south of Poland by the new trains, too: IC "Konopnicka" will run from Lublin (01.46 p.m.) to Wrocław (09.29 p.m.) from Saturday, January 30, and from Wrocław (06.39 a.m.) to Lublin (02.22 p.m.) from Sunday, January 31.

This year, PKP Intercity has bought as many as 40 new multiple units, i.e. trains which do not comprise a separate engine and carriages, 20 of which are the Pesas. They cost 1.3 billion PLN - working out at 65 million PLN per unit. The price includes the rolling stock's maintenance for 15 years, with the EU providing 43 per cent of the amount.

The Darts will also run to Wałbrzych and Jelenia Góra in two or three months. - The whole process of inclusion of the new rolling stock in the links to Jelenia Góra and Wrocław will be completed in Spring at the latest - assured Anna Zakrzewska of the Polish National Railways (PKP).

The Darts are manufactured in Pesa's Bydgoszcz based production facilities. The eight-part multiple units feature 150 m in lengths and 2.8 m width. Their maximum speed is up to 160 km/h, yet while tested they reached the maximum speed of 200 km/h. Some call them the "Polish Pendolino", but it must be said that they are of a clearly lower standard. The train will be fit for modern cabin control solutions.

The modern interiors are fitted with power outlets, automatic doors, LED lighting (also lamps over the seats) and of course close-circuit toilet systems, which do not cause littering rails. - The entire floor is one level, without stairs, which is very convenient from the passenger's viewpoint - assured Robert Świechowicz, Pesa vice president last year.

Another distinctive feature of the new train is its modern external look. - Appearance is not only about aesthetic qualities, but also emotions. We wanted the Dart to be possibly most aerodynamic - stressed Bartosz Piotrowski, Pesa's head designer.

There are 352 seats inside, including 60 in the first class compartments, which are different in that it have wider seat spans (three instead of four next to each other), among other features. - We bought the most modern seats for both classes, today used only by German railways – emphasises Piotrowski.

The bar is much smaller than in classic carriages, as there are only six places in the compartment, thanks to which space is not wasted and additional seats can be placed inside the carriage. The railways want to steer towards a different solution, involving food delivery to passengers' compartments - to be facilitated by a special application using the Wi-Fi connection available on the train.


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