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Poland's economic freedom score is now 69.3, which makes our country rank 39 globally, and 18 regionally. Deputy prime minister and minister of development Mateusz Morawiecki attended the presentation of this year's report results. In his comment on Poland's result attained this year, the head of the ministry pointed out that a choice of a coherent model of cooperation between entrepreneurs, particularly those hailing from the SMB sector, and the state is necessary so that a competitive economy can be built.

This year's result of the ranking is best in our country's history. Since the year 2012, Poland has improved its position by 5.1 points. As for this year's index, particular attention should be paid to the improvement in the areas of ownership rights (+5,0), the level of corruption (+1,0), conditions for business (+1,4), monetary policy (+3,9) and investment freedom (+5,0).

Index of Economic Freedom - developed by The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal for over 20 years - has become the world's most popular ranking. The aim of the Index of Economic Freedom - since its coming into being in 1995 - has been to catalogue countries in terms of solutions and policies applied to improve economic freedom, thus promoting growth and increasing their prosperity. The index involves analyses of the rule of law (ownership laws, level of corruption), the size of the public sector (public expenditure, fiscalism), regulation effectiveness (conditions for business, monetary policy, labour market) and the openness of the market (trade, investments, finance).