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The event is organized for real estate, construction and related industries and it is free of charge. It is a great opportunity to establish new business relationships and promote your products and services.


The agenda will be a mix of a lecture and workshops, and then a moderated business mixer, will be conducted by the trainer Artur Sójka - a practitioner and trainer in the field of sales, with particular emphasis on relationship sales and recommendations. During the speech with the intriguing title "People are not important ...". will tell you how to use our greatest potential, which is usually neither appreciated nor even noticed, i.e. the potential of the network of contacts.

How and why to build a network? Who to invite to it? How to manage it? How to be successful thanks to it? These are just some of the questions that we will answer during the event. The networking skills workshop will show us and teach us how to use the tools needed to build our business network. We will also learn how to leave your comfort zone in a comfortable way.

We cordially invite you to register for the event: https://evenea.pl/event/realestatetalkswroclaw/

Registration is individual only and by using a business e-mail address.

Real Estate Talks

Real Estate Talks are held throughout the year in the largest cities in Poland. These are free inspirational and networking meetings for people working in the real estate, construction and related industries. The organizer makes sure that meeting participants have a real opportunity to establish as many valuable business contacts as possible.