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On January 13 2016, REC Global, a Wrocław based company delivering software engineering services to over 20 countries in Europe and the USA, announced a new chapter in its history. The company had been incorporated into the organisation of the global software market tycoon GlobalLogic.

Both REC Global and GlobalLogic (GL) are leaders on their respective markets with well matching portfolios and organisational cultures. REC specialises in software for embedded systems applied in market sectors including   automotive, marine industry, semiconductors, the Internet of Things and machine communication, as well as industrial automatics and telecommunications. GlobalLogic, headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, and boasting project centres in different parts of the world, cooperates with clients such as Coca-Cola, LinkedIn, Oracle and Nokia, supporting them by working on innovative products and ground-breaking technologies for digital media, electronics, healthcare, infrastructure, finance, retail and telecommunications services.

The first weeks of the new model cooperation were very successful. There were meetings held by employees, managers, directors and the businesses’ boards. Moreover, there are activities in the pipeline aiming to integrate both the internal image, related to the employer's brand, as well as broadly understood external PR.

For GlobalLogic, REC Global is a partner allowing broader and easier access to the European market. Thanks to the merger, GL is becoming one of the biggest suppliers of software in Central and Eastern Europe. It is also an opportunity to improve expertise and skills in the area of embedded systems engineering, which is very important to Europe, including the so-called DACH market, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

GL's strategy in relation to REC is based on development, planned in all locations of the Polish company and in Croatia. A very ambitious plan has been made for the next three years: the number of clients and projects handled is to increase thus leading – clearly – to a rise in the number of engineers employed. GL's strategy also involves improvement of technical skills and building a breeding ground for fresh talent - engineers who will be able to meet the expectations of the world's most discerning clients. It creates big opportunities for Wrocław and REC's other locations. Furthermore, the staff will be offered a chance for self-development and acquisition of world unique knowledge in many innovative and little accessible technological areas and lines of business.

What makes GL different from other engineering companies is this orientation towards the development of software engineering in project and innovation laboratories all over the world as well as comprehensive delivery of services, i.e. starting from the design phase.