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  • Wroclaw residents among the laureates of the 11th edition of the "50 Most Creative in Business" ranking
  • Among the awarded there are representatives of many industries, including: technological, medical, marketing, educational, financial and environmental.

The ranking of "50 Most Creative in Business" has been organized by the BRIEF.PL portal for 10 years. Each time the ranking chapter draws attention to entrepreneurs and managers who stand out on the market with an unconventional approach to running and developing a company, creating new products and services and promoting them. The organizers emphasize that they distinguish people who inspire others to act and consistently build their brand.

This year's edition of the ranking was won by Paweł Biernat, president of the Biotts company operating in the Wroclaw Technology Park at Duńska street. His startup promises a breakthrough in cancer and diabetes therapies.

The first place in the "50 Most Creative in Business" ranking is a distinction for the entire Biotts team. The place where we are now is the merit of all employees of the company, together with Jan Meler we founded the company less than a few years ago, then we could count our team on the fingers of one hand, today there are several times more of us, we develop unique technology, train and improve ourselves mutually. I dedicate each award to you, colleagues from the band, without you there would be no Biotts. - Paweł Biernat, president of the Wroclaw-based company Biotts.

Wroclaw Biotts revolutionizes the administration of drugs and vaccines

The head of Biotts emphasizes that the current methods of administering drugs do not fully use the therapeutic possibilities of pharmaceuticals: in order to obtain the desired therapeutic effect, we take more and more of them, thus experiencing more and more side effects of therapy.

This is what scientists from the Wroclaw-based Biotts company, who are working on a unique transdermal system, want to change. There is a chance that this Polish technology will revolutionize the methods of administering drugs and vaccines also against COVID-19.

Wroclaw inhabitants among the "50 Most Creative in Business"

Krystian Kulczycki, Daniel Jarząb and Radosław Ruda, i.e. the entire management board of the Wroclaw-based PayEye company, were also appreciated for their creativity. In 2021, PayEye was included in the list of the 5 best biometric security systems StartUs Insights. PayEye is also the winner of the "30 Creative Wrocław 2020".

Joining the group of 50 creative people in business is a great honor for us. The proof that we do not lack creativity is that we were the first in the world to change our view of money. Our creativity was also appreciated in Dubai, where during the international technology fair the world accepted our solution with great enthusiasm. - Krystian Kulczycki, President of PayEye.

The Wrocław-based fintech PayEye was the first in the world to commercially make available a complete payment system based on the acceptance of payments through user identification using iris biometrics.

Innovative companies from Wroclaw

Wroclaw companies in the 11th edition of the "50 Most Creative in Business" ranking are: BIOTTS, PAYEYE, CUX, 4SOFT, A4BEE. Wojciech Krzemień, a member of the Chapter, believes that this year's "50 Most Creative in Business" award was exceptional due to the pandemic that caused increased creativity. This shows that Polish entrepreneurs are brave and do not give up easily. See who was ranked among the 50 Most Creative People in Business in 2021.