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The exhibition named "7 Wonders of Wrocław and Lower Silesia" has been opened in Wrocław's Old Town Hall. Among other exhibits, visitors can see the Scorpio rover, developed by students of Wrocław University of Technology, in the exhibition's part dedicated to science.

The seven wonders in the title of the exhibition is a term for seven areas of culture through which the organisers present the most valuable artefacts of our region. Therefore, the exhibition was divided into the following sections: landscape, language, art, science, architecture, religion and the meeting, which refers to the idea of Wrocław as a meeting place.

The exhibition's attractions include the original copy of Henryk's Book (with the first recorded sentence in the Polish language) and the original address of Polish bishops to German bishops, presented for the first time in Wrocław. In the part dedicated to science, the exhibition reminds us the beginnings of schooling in our city, Wrocław's Noble prize winners, the world's first medicine and natural sciences oriented magazine published here, Wrocław's school of mathematics and the new Scottish book. It also presents scientists who rendered great services to Wrocław (such as prof. Ludwik Hirszfeld, prof. Alfred Jahn or prof. Bogusława Jeżowska-Trzebiatowska), as well as recent years' scientific achievements, including the Martian rover Scorpio developed by students of Wrocław University of Technology. Visitors find out that only over the past two years our tertiary institute's students have designed a spacecraft fit for negotiating the distance to Mars and are building rover prototypes and designing "habitats", i.e. homes for the first people on Mars.

The exhibition can be visited until May 14 in the Township Room of the Old Town Hall. It was created as one of the events of the European Capital of Culture. Its curators are prof. Wojciech Mrozowicz and Wojciech Kucharski Ph.D.

Source: www.pryzmat.pwr.edu.pl