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During the next edition of the Economic Forum in Karpacz, the Selena Group, which originated in Wroclaw and has been operating in international markets for more than 30 years, received an award - Socially Responsible Business - from the Mayor of Wroclaw, Jacek Sutryk, for its actions for the benefit of the local community and employees. BASF and BY Mellon were also awarded.

As Sutryk stressed, a key role in urban development is played by socially responsible business. The awarded companies are examples of entities proving that it is possible to achieve both business and social success, acting for the benefit of the people who live around them, for the benefit of the community. On behalf of Selena Group, the award was received by the president, Slawomir Majchrowski.

Selena. Award of the President of Wroclaw - Socially Responsible Business.

The Award of the President of Wroclaw - Socially Responsible Business was awarded for the first time during the 2021 Economic Forum. It is awarded to companies that care about the local community and the working and living comfort of their employees, and their actions are an inspiration for other business entities operating in Lower Silesia.

It is an honor for us that our activities, which we always undertake after an intensive analysis of needs, have been noticed and appreciated. We regularly support various institutions, foundations, charitable actions, donating not only funds, but also our construction chemical products. We also get involved in initiatives that arouse special social stir. Supporting these many ventures is important in terms of values that are important to the entire Selena Group team

Slawomir Majchrowski, president of Selena Group.

They have 30 companies in 19 countries and continue to grow rapidly. Selena Group of Wroclaw.

Selena Group has been operating in Wroclaw for more than 30 years and actively pursues various initiatives in the area of corporate social responsibility. In 2022, the company was awarded the Crystal of Polish Economy in the "Responsible Business" category for its commitment to sustainable construction and reducing climate change.

Selena's efforts in recent years have focused on support for Ukraine, especially in the first months of 2022, and the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. In the latter case, the company diversified its product portfolio and launched a hand disinfectant - scarce at the time, which had a direct impact on increasing public health security.

The Group has also cooperated with various foundations and provided charitable support to those in need, including helping its employees and their families during difficult moments in their lives. A significant role in activities focused on social responsibility has been played for years by employees, who often engage in grassroots activities.

- The award received is an honor for all Selena employees, who, many times themselves, come up with initiatives to help those in need. Among the initiatives they have orchestrated are financial collections for an expensive drug for our employee's daughter from Kazakhstan, who is suffering from cancer, or for Ukrainians fleeing the war. For several years, our people have also taken part in the Company Run to benefit the charges of the Everest Foundation. By helping others and giving of ourselves - we all create something valuable and change someone's life for the better," Majchrowski added.

Selena international giant from Wroclaw. 31 years of innovation.

The company also recognized the most talented in the scientific, sports and cultural spheres. In addition, in 2023, on the Group's initiative, the Osobowicki Forest in Wroclaw was enriched with 1,000 new trees - sycamore maples.

The new plantings occupied an area of a quarter of a hectare, which in the future will allow the production of about one hundred and forty kilograms of oxygen per day. All projects, conducted both locally and globally, make Selena add its positive contribution to the development of responsible business.

Also during the Economic Forum, the ISBnews agency presented Krzysztof Domarecki, Selena's founder and main shareholder, with the "Most Credible in the Polish Economy" award. ISBnews honored companies and institutions that conduct their business in a transparent manner, are honest with contractors and partners, and honor the principles of corporate social responsibility. This is the fourth edition of the plebiscite organized by journalists.