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Shein Chinese platform for shopping clothes, shoes and accessories opens large distribution center in Poland

Shein is a Chinese-originated international e-commerce company that sells fashion and lifestyle products on its online store. Shein currently employs nearly 10,000 people in more than 150 countries.

Their latest investment is a Shein distribution center at GLP Wroclaw V Logistics Centre. The company wants to employ more than a thousand people there.

Shein distribution center - jobs near Wroclaw

We are fully committed to building a new distribution center, where we want to employ more than a thousand people by mid-2023. In line with Shein's mission - to make the beauty of fashion accessible to all - we intend to expand our presence in various markets around the world to provide even better services to consumers and contribute to the development of local economies.

declare Shein representatives

Shein is estimated to be the world's fastest growing platform for shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories. It is known for its low prices and promotions for customers. Shein specializes in fast fashion - that is, their collections are inspired by (some say copy) global fashion trends and sell such clothes at low prices in retail stores, for example.

Shein - distribution center in a good location

Shein's distribution center at GLP Wroclaw V Logistics Centre is located at the intersection of routes facilitating the delivery of products to customers in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. The nearby S8 road interchange provides easy access to the A4 and A8 freeways, as well as the S3 and S5 expressways. Employees will benefit from convenient bus and train connections from the center of Wroclaw and surrounding towns.

We are delighted to welcome Shein to Wroclaw. Our building will support the company's operations and its growth and distribution network in the region. This is an important transaction for the e-commerce market in Poland, and another step in GLP's successful long-term cooperation with Shein - a company that already uses our logistics space in the United States, China and Brazil, among others.

Michal Szczepaniak, Business Development Manager of GLP, responsible for the project

GLP Wroclaw Logistics Centre - the largest warehouses in the Wroclaw agglomeration

GLP Wroclaw V Logistics Centre is the largest warehouse project currently under construction in the Wroclaw agglomeration. Ultimately, buildings with a total area of approximately 240,000 sqm will be built there.

GLP specializes in the implementation and management of investments in logistics, real estate, infrastructure, finance and technology. It operates in Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, the United States and Vietnam, where it manages projects with a total value of more than $120 billion.

GLP's buildings in strategic locations in Europe (over 5.6 million sq. m.) are used by companies such as Amazon, DHL and XPO Logistics, among others. GLP Europe also has a stockpile of land to develop another 4 million sq. m. of logistics space.

E-commerce: new technologies made in Wroclaw

We are increasingly fond of shopping without leaving home. E-commerce and online commerce is an industry that is not only highly competitive, but also growing extremely fast. It benefits from new technologies and artificial intelligence. Wroclaw is becoming a Polish e-commerce technology hub and domestic companies are successfully coping with the market.