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Wroclaw-based Spyrosoft, whose headquarters is in the Nowy Targ office building, has been offering comprehensive software development services since 2016. During that time, the company has expanded its team of employees and associates to 1,000 people and opened offices in Poland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia, the United States, India, and most recently in Argentina and Romania.
Last year alone, the company's revenue increased by over 50% to 174 million PLN and they expect it to grow further. Two years after entering NewConnect, Spyrosoft has just debuted on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Spyrosoft's share price increased at the opening (17 March 2022) by almost 0.9% to 238 PLN, and then continued to grow rapidly. On 22 March this year, PLN 252 was paid per share. The value of the company is 232.53 million PLN.
- Since our debut on NewConnect, our capitalisation has more than tripled. Investors have appreciated our prospects and the quality of our business. We believe that by moving to the main market we will become even more recognizable, and the group of investors who appreciate the company will grow significantly, which was announced recently, that at the end of the year the world's largest pension fund was present in our shareholder structure

- says Konrad Weiske, co-founder and president of the Spyrosoft Group.

Spyrosoft - wholeheartedly with the Ukrainians

On the occasion of entering the Warsaw Stock Exchange Konrad Weiske emphasized: - Our debut takes place in the shadow of a war that is taking place just 170 kilometers away. We are wholeheartedly with our Ukrainian colleagues and all the other people who have suffered so much during this time. We firmly believe that the war will end as soon as possible - added the Spyrosoft Group CEO.

Spyrosoft: job, employment, career

Spyrosoft's stock market entry does not involve the issuance of shares - the company finances development from current cash flow and profits generated. The main investments are in new offices in additional markets, expansion of the team of specialists and their development. On average, the Spyrosoft group employs 40 people per month.

Spyrosoft: cyber security, customer support, e-commerce

Spyrosoft is a provider of software and technology solutions for industries such as automotive, finance, industry 4.0, medicine, geospatial services or HR. Spyrosoft is also investing in new lines of business, such as cyber security, customer support, and e-commerce, expecting that these investments will contribute to revenue and profit growth in the coming quarters.

Spyrosoft - software development services

About 86 percent of Spyrosoft's revenue comes from contracts with overseas customers, primarily in the UK, Germany, and the US. Read also: Wroclaw-based SpyroSoft recruits in the UK, Germany and the US.

Spyrosoft among the fastest growing companies in Europe

  • In 2021, Spyrosoft Group's revenue increased by 54% to 174 million PLN, EBIDTA profit increased by 24% to 32 million PLN, while net profit increased by 37% to 17 million PLN.
  • In 2021. Spyrosoft was ranked 1st in Europe among technology companies in the Financial Times "FT1000: Europe's Fastest Growing Companies" ranking. It was fifth in the overall ranking. This year Spyrosoft was also included in this prestigious list.
  • Spyrosoft is the winner of the ranking organized by the portal www.wroclaw.pl "30 Creatives of Wroclaw 2020".