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Support Wrocław's attempts to ensure development of the National Centre for Innovation "Start in Poland" in this very city.  http://www.innwro.pl/


Almost 30 tertiary institutions, more than 30 thousand graduates every year, 100 registered businesses including innovative enterprises and start-ups, whose projects are a response to the most current needs of cities and communities. A city of over 600 hundred thousand citizens, where the number of dedicated research and development centres is rising every year, thus creating a base for advanced research and the growth of innovation. 

Wrocław's perfect atmosphere – favourable for creativity, inspiring and stimulating action – makes this place a frequently chosen location for international projects.

It is perfect ground for development of the centre for innovation "Start in Poland" precisely in Wrocław.


In physics, accelerators are devices increasing the speed of charged particles thus giving them energy. Accelerators in business do an analogous thing. They accelerate and give energy to innovative undertakings through mentoring, showing how to translate a plan into a successful project. Therefore, apart from money, accelerators provide knowledge of how to run one's own business.

Why is Wrocław competing to have the StartInPoland accelerator developed here? What benefits for the city and its residents can be brought about by this investment?

First of all, influx of capital, both human and financial, as it is in Wrocław where the country's most innovative business projects would be initiated. The influx of investors, experts and mentors would also let Wrocław become a more attractive academic location. The experts would motivate tertiary institutes to create new, innovative courses, while the mentors would be a good catalyst to build and develop the start-up ecosystem.

More information on the ministry project: http://bit.ly/czym-jest-StartInPoland