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According to Tomasz Snazyk, CEO of the Startup Poland Foundation, the capital of Lower Silesia is at the top of the list of startup ecosystems, which is why the first meeting with representatives of the city, the local ecosystem, universities and entrepreneurs is taking place here.

We are talking about how to improve the ecosystem so that it works even better and communicates with each other. We want to arouse such a positive ferment in people, where they exchange experiences, can network and determine what else good can be done in the city.

Tomasz Snazyk

An ecosystem built over 20 years

In turn, Jakub Mazur, deputy mayor of Wroclaw, argued that the entire Wroclaw ecosystem has been built for more than 20 years, and especially intensively in recent years.

Extremely important is our Startup Wroclaw initiative, which consolidates startup communities very strongly, but also helps them grow. It also connects investors and originators, dreaming of building their startup to become a unicorn, or billion-dollar company.

Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw

It's worth knowing how to sustain a good run

According to the deputy mayor of Wroclaw, the city is not only the Polish Silicon Valley, where the largest number of startups in the country are registered, but a place that also appreciates their quality, innovation, ingenuity and commitment to artificial intelligence. Here it even has ambitions to become the capital of Poland and the region.

We want to find out what can be done to sustain this good fortune, to develop the ideas already initiated, but also to promote new ones. An important aspect of today's meeting was that the discussions were attended mainly by practitioners who make up the Wroclaw ecosystem. The conclusion is that we have achieved a great deal, but there is still more work ahead of us.

Jakub Mazur

- We talked about how we can help create even better conditions for the environment of entrepreneurs creating startups in Wroclaw. Fortunately, there is no shortage of ideas on how to make these young, thriving companies even more willing to appear in our city. We are very keen on this," stressed Marcin Urban, treasurer of Wroclaw.

Entrepreneurs know best what they need

Wednesday's meeting was also attended by representatives of entrepreneurs, who were able to talk about what they need for the optimal development of their companies and how the city and the organizations of modern companies operating here can help them.

Thanks to such meetings, I can have an impact on something, get to know the opinion of many parties, who, working together, achieve a synergistic effect. If we listen to each other and play to one goal, we have a chance in this team game to achieve more. In this particular case, we care about the development of modern companies in Wroclaw.

Tomasz Cholast, zrzutka.pl

Better communication will be useful

The effects of all 10 meetings organized by the Startup Poland Foundation will be known at the end of the year in a report it is preparing.

Many important conclusions emerged during the meeting. There is certainly a need for better communication among themselves. It is important that the city wants to listen to entrepreneurs. It is also geared to support those ambitious companies that want to become unicorns. Also valuable are the activities of a specialized unit like ARAW, which stimulates what is happening in the city.

Tomasz Snazyk