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The process of preparing a new strategy for Wroclaw until 2050 has already begun. Although the one with a horizon to 2030 is currently in force, regulations have recently changed.

First, they made it mandatory for municipalities to have a strategy, and second, they outlined what elements they should have. Such an important novelty is its spatial component. Now strategies will integrate socio-economic life with the designed space.

Marzena Horak, director of the City Strategy Office at the Wroclaw City Hall

The opinion of business representatives matters

According to Marzena Horak, work on a new development concept for the capital of Lower Silesia is slowly approaching the end of the analytical and design stage.

A lot of conclusions are emerging, although there are still plenty of questions. That's why we decided to ask what the main stakeholders, i.e. representatives of Wroclaw's business community, think.

Marzena Horak

The most important new technologies and education

During Friday's meeting, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to say what is most important to them in the development of Wroclaw. They mentioned the development of new technologies and education as the main factors.

There can be no strategy for Wroclaw without the participation of business. That is why we want to create it with this most important pillar - entrepreneurs.

Magdalena Okulowska, president of the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency

The new concept needs to be discussed with everyone

According to Jacek Sutryk, mayor of Wroclaw, a new possible vision and strategy for the city until 2050 needs to be discussed with all possible circles.

We need to establish the goals and how we want to reach them, as well as what is important to us, what values we want to convey. We still have some time, so we will try to prepare it as well as possible.

Jacek Sutryk

All cities want to be green and smart

According to Marzena Horak, the assumptions of the new strategy are not unique, as all large cities face similar challenges.

High quality of life, a green smart city, resilience to external and internal factors and maintaining Wroclaw's metropolitan position are the main determinants of the new concept.

Marzena Horak