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The meeting in Strzelin was the eighth in a series of "No Micro No Macro" events organized by the Wroclaw Technology Park (WPT) , the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency and the Wroclaw Agglomeration Association since last April.

It is worth exploiting such great potential

Strzelin is a unique place with developing micro and small enterprises, but also many companies with foreign capital, according to Magdalena Okulowska, President of ARAW. There is also a business incubator working here.

This is a great potential that we would like to support with our knowledge and network. That's why we are here to present ARAW's offer of cooperation with local entrepreneurs, both large and small.

Magdalena Okulowska

Location matters

Dorota Pwnuk, the Mayoress of Strzelin, believes that the town can attract investors who are looking for a place for bigger business because of its good geographical location and good connections with Wroclaw.

It is clear that the arrival of a large investor will also benefit smaller entrepreneurs who are suppliers of various types of services, materials or goods. It is a kind of self-perpetuating economy.

Dorota Pawnuk

Entrepreneurs value contacts and knowledge

For his part, Pawel Korzeniowski, the vice president of the Wroclaw Technology Park, was impressed by the presence of so many representatives of the local business community.

The turnout at today's event shows that the information and knowledge we want to share is very important for the residents and entrepreneurs of the cities and communes of the Wroclaw agglomeration.

Paweł Korzeniowski

It pays to use the available funds

According to Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw, the point is that small businesses from smaller towns should take advantage of Wroclaw's proximity and use funds available not only at Polish, regional, but also European level.

We are well aware that without a slightly smaller Strzelin, there is no slightly larger Wroclaw. Without small businesses, there are no global companies. That is why we want to act together with the heads of the villages and the mayors and build up the strength of our agglomeration. I am convinced that we will succeed.

Jakub Mazur

Nearly a year of fruitful meetings

"Without micro there is no macro" is a project initiated by the Wroclaw Technology Park. Since last April, the WPT, together with the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency and the Wroclaw Agglomeration Association, has been organizing a series of meetings with micro-entrepreneurs, including from the municipalities surrounding the provincial capital. The aim is to promote and strengthen businesses operating in the Wroclaw Agglomeration. The project has already included competitions to promote local businesses, the creation of a database of information on micro-entrepreneurship and the Wroclaw Craftsman campaign.