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Wroclaw students won the CERC 2021 competition and will take part in the world finals planned for 2023. This is not the only success of programmers from the Institute of Computer Science of University of Wroclaw (UWr).

First place in the programmers competition was taken by UWr team composed of Anadi Agrawal, Adam Górkiewicz, Marcin Martowicz. The team thus gained the right to participate in the world finals of the ICPC planned for 2023.
ICPC is the largest and most prestigious programming competition in the world. Every year, more than 50,000 students from three thousand universities compete for the opportunity to advance to the finals. Three-person teams compete to solve algorithmic tasks based on real-world problems, practicing cooperation, creativity and ability to work under time pressure.
Other places on the podium were taken by two teams from the Jagiellonian University, but in the top ten of the final list there were also two teams from Wroclaw:
UWr 2: Krzysztof Boryczka, Marcin Knapik, Adam Zyzik - this team will represent the university in the ICPC finals in November 2022
UWr 3: Michał Kępa, Dominik Kowalczyk, Michał Maras.

Specialists in artificial intelligence

The University of Wroclaw team also brought home an award for winning the CodinGame Spring Challenge 2022. The task was to write an artificial intelligence game created for the competition in 10 days. This is UWr's fifth consecutive win. Wroclaw students have won every edition since the introduction of the university ranking.
The event attracted 7695 programmers from 303 universities, including 67 current students and graduates of the University of Wroclaw. As many as 14 of them made it to the highest (so-called legendary) league.