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Wrocław is a city driven by young people's energy and creativity. It is here that global conglomerates seek well-educated and inventive employees, with domestic start-ups coming into being alongside. One of the exceptional places on Wrocław's business map is IdeaPlace, a co-working office known for matching representatives of the city authorities, researchers, and small and medium size business.  Its fifth anniversary saw amazing people who change the local market every day. Wrocław boasts a unique atmosphere favouring both large scale and small entrepreneurship alike. On the one hand, it is Google, Hewlett & Packard, IBM, 3M and other global brands that create Wrocław's business ecosystem; while on the other hand, another aspect is the smaller companies applying modern technologies, as well as groups and places creatively supporting local business activity. IdeaPlace's fifth anniversary celebration was attended by both those who started their businesses here and people who are closely related and cooperate with this extraordinary co-working office: event organisers, and representatives of the creative sector and IT industry - Bitspiration Festival, TEDx Wrocław, Hack Wro, Geek Week Wro, Art of Code Hackathon, Geek Girls Carrots Wrocław, the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency, and many others. http://www.wroclaw.pl/swieto-wroclawskiej-przedsiebiorczosci