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Wroclaw University of Technology has signed a cooperation agreement with Łukasiewicz Research Network. Joint projects will focus in particular on the development of technologies and products based on gallium nitride for use in microelectronics. The initiators emphasise that this is the next stage of building a research and development system which comprises the knowledge and competences of Polish scientists from Łukasiewicz units and prestigious academic centres in Poland.

Prof. Arkadiusz Wójs, rector of the Wroclaw University of Technology, emphasises that the university is firmly established in the world of technology and works not only to develop science but also to provide solutions.

The mission of the university - through scientific research, education of students and cooperation with the economy - is to shape the future. Thanks to the signing of the agreement we have the opportunity to expand our research areas together with the scientists of Łukasiewicz Research Network. I hope that joint work will result not only in publications but also in implementations, that both scientists and entrepreneurs will benefit from it - says prof. Arkadiusz Wójs, rector of the Wroclaw University of Technology.

Cooperation between scientists from Łukasiewicz and the Wroclaw University of Technology

Technologies and products based on gallium nitride are an example of solutions on which scientists from Łukasiewicz and the Wroclaw University of Technology will work together. They can be used in high power electronics, microwave systems, various types of sensors and detectors, as well as chemical and biological sensors operating in harsh environmental conditions. These solutions are used in both civil and defence industries, e.g. for wireless communication.

We hope that efficiency in action, sharing of expert knowledge, openness to exchange of experience and striving for a common goal will allow us to develop specific technological solutions for the entrepreneurs of Lower Silesia. I also hope that we will be able to encourage other companies from the region to do business with science and modernise the Polish economy - says Dr Piotr Dardziński, president of Łukasiewicz Research Network.

The agreement also assumes joint initiatives for training of scientific and research personnel and co-creating competences of the future. One of the pillars of this activity will be implementation doctorates, which are a unique opportunity to combine professional activity with scientific work.

Joint research projects

The cooperation of Łukasiewicz institutes with Wroclaw University of Technology has already resulted in a number of research projects in the field of microelectronics. An example is the project conducted by the university and Łukasiewicz - Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics together with the Czech manufacturer of AFM microscopes. The solution, which the company wants to implement to regular sales, will allow to increase the resolution of measurement and will also influence the miniaturisation of the microscope.

Areas of common interest also include materials engineering, mechanics and mechanical engineering and biotechnology. The result of recent cooperation was the identification of a molecule with high therapeutic potential, which may constitute a breakthrough on the way to finding an effective cure for COVID-19. The work conducted by a team of scientists led by Prof. Marcin Drąg from the Wroclaw University of Technology was supported in this respect by Łukasiewicz - Institute of Industrial Chemistry.