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  • Ten Square Games: 10 years on the market and 44 million players in 2021.
  • TSG employs 500 people and has studios in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Berlin, Bucharest and Verona
  • The value of TSG last year exceeded USD 1 billion

In the Puls Biznesu "The Power of Attraction" competition, awards are given to organizations that see the potential in building their image as an attractive employer, pay great attention to proper induction of newly employed people and care for their involvement and development.

In this year's sixth edition of the contest, Ten Square Games - a producer and publisher of mobile games from Wroclaw, received the main prize in the category "Strategic project building engagement".

Representatives of Ten Square Games emphasize that values such as readiness for change and focus on cooperation have accompanied TSG since its inception. It is thanks to them that they have evolved from a small Wroclaw startup into a thriving international company. Last year the company increased its employment by more than 100 people, opened a studio in Warsaw and started international recruitment.

This growth made it necessary to develop the DNA of the team, i.e. the values that allow them to function efficiently in their daily work. For that, they were recognized in the "Power of Attraction" competition.

Ten Square Games values in game and comics

Ten Square Games has defined five of its values. They are Dare to explore - dare to discover, Own it - take the reins, Grow Together - play as a team, Change Fast - be part of the change and Trust - build trust.

Each of our values has its own unique character, a set of unique characteristics that are easier to remember by image. This inspired me to frame our values as characters. Especially that at the same time we were creating personas for another HR project and we knew that employees as well as candidates liked them - Alicja Szymańska, HR Business Partner and coordinator of the values project.

The company showed what is important to it through an original cartoon and a game specially prepared for this occasion, which was made available to employees. 

- It was natural for us, as a gaming company, to create a game. It is a reflection of "Grow Together", which says that we like to create, relying on our own resources - adds Alicja Szymańska. 

Ten Square Games: 10 years on the market and 44 million players 

Ten Square Games S.A. is a Wroclaw-based producer and publisher of mobile games distributed in the free-to-play model, including Let's Fish, Fishing Clash, Wild Hunt and Hunting Clash. They have 44 million players worldwide.

Ten Square Games, a Wroclaw-based company, was founded in 2011 by Maciej Popowicz and Arkadiusz Pernal, creators of the Nasza Klasa (nk.pl) social network. The company's name refers to the ten square meters of the Wroclaw office where Ten Square Games started its operations. 

In May 2018, the company debuted on the Stock Exchange with a valuation of PLN 350 million. In June 2020, its value exceeded USD 1 billion. In 2020, they recorded a record-breaking revenue of PLN 578 million in their history.

In 2021, TSG employs 500 people and has studios in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Berlin, Bucharest and Verona. In 2021. Ten Square Games acquired Italian studio RORTOS and entered the flight simulator market. 

Ten Square Games is the winner of the "30 Creative Wroclaw 2018". In 2020, the company joined the United Nations Global Compact Program. As part of this endeavor, this year the company implemented a strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and many other activities carried out with concern for the environment. In October this year, Ten Square Games was awarded the Lower Silesian Griffins 2021.