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The 3M SuperHub plant in Wroclaw is the largest 3M manufacturing center in Europe and one of the fastest growing 3M factories in the world. It employs more than 3,000 people and produces more than 12,000 products within four business groups: safety and industry, transportation and electronics, healthcare and consumer solutions. More than 90 percent of Wroclaw's production is exported. 3M in Wroclaw has the most modern office in Europe.

3M Wroclaw: the industry of the future

3M is constantly improving its manufacturing processes, actively participating in the green transformation. As part of the development of the 3M SuperHub, the company is introducing a number of innovative solutions in the areas of broad automation and digitization that leverage big data and artificial intelligence (Industry 4.0) to optimize processes for reduced energy and water consumption, waste reduction and carbon footprint both at 3M plants and in supply chains in collaboration with customers.

We are very pleased with the award, which confirms our efforts to make the 3M plant in Wroclaw a global benchmark for efficiency, effectiveness and green transformation.

Dominika Kawala, director of the 3M SuperHub plant in Wroclaw

The director of the 3M SuperHub plant in Wroclaw adds: - In recent years we have invested in Industry 4.0 technologies, which today apply to virtually every area of our business. Among other things, we have introduced vision system solutions based on the concept of machine learning, through which product defects are automatically recognized and eliminated.

We have also applied artificial intelligence to recognize damage to key machine components before it occurs. Through such actions, we want to set an example to others that Industry 4.0 solutions not only optimize production in terms of speed or cost, but also have an impact on production processes, reducing the consumption of raw materials, the amount of waste and, as a result, contributing to reducing the carbon footprint, Dominika Kawala adds.

Workers of the future at 3M Wroclaw

Industry 4.0 also brings many challenges. The need to modify organizational culture, increase work safety, or effectively support employees in the area of training and acquiring new skills are a priority for the company today. Wanting to develop the technologies of the future, 3M relies on employees with technical skills who are additionally equipped with digital competencies.

We are taking real action on vocational training. Together with the Wrocław City Hall and ARAW, we are promoting technical and vocational education in Lower Silesia - 'Partnership for the Development of the Future'. In turn, as part of the 3M Manufacturing and Academic Partnership (MAP) program, we have allocated PLN 0.5 million to the Vocational Training Center in Wroclaw for teaching equipment to support the training of potential employees of factories of the future, using elements of Industry 4.0. On the other hand, we offer apprenticeships at the 3M SuperHub plant in Wroclaw, enabling young people to put the technical knowledge they have acquired into practice.

Dominika Kawala, director of the 3M SuperHub plant in Wroclaw

'The Best of Industry 4.0' competition

The competition 'The Best of Industry 4.0' was organized for the first time on the initiative of the economic portal WNP.PL in response to a strong need to identify best practices, to share unique experience, to be ready to cooperate on the basis of a common pool of knowledge about the rapidly changing economy, the latest technologies and their business use.

The jury of the competition consisted of experts in the field of Industry 4.0, representatives of science, institutions supporting the development of technology in industry and the economic portal WNP.PL. The winners of the competition were announced on October 4, 2022, at a gala held during the New Industry 4.0 conference at the International Congress Center in Katowice.

3M global technology and manufacturing company

3M Poland is a division of a global technology and manufacturing company that uses science and acts in accordance with the principles of sustainable development to create innovative solutions that improve the quality of people's lives. The company has been operating in the Polish market for more than 30 years.

It currently has 4 production centers in Poland: two in Wroclaw, in Janinowo near Grodzisk Mazowiecki and in Rabka. 3M has more than 4,200 employees in Poland and offers within 4 business groups: Safety and Industry, Transportation and Electronics, Healthcare and Consumer Products with 60,000 products, of which about 12,000 are manufactured in Poland. The company's headquarters are located in Kajetany near Warsaw.