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The action seeks to collect as many kilometers as possible through physical activity until it reaches 500,000 kilometers. Every covered kilometer equals 1 PLN donated to the “Lepszy Start” Foundation, which means we can collect up to half a million PLN.

Joining the campaign is simple. Just download the free Activy app on your phone, register or log in, and then select the “Kilometers for Przylądek 2024” challenge from the list. Anyone who has a smartphone and enjoys outdoor activities may take part in the action.

All funds collected will be transferred to the building the “Dom na Zawsze Przylądek”, which ensures support and care for adults on the autism spectrum in the future. The strategic sponsor of the campaign is the consulting company BPX S.A. in the IT industry, headquartered in Wroclaw.

The fourth edition of the “Kilometers for Przylądek” campaign has kicked off!

Wroclaw inspires action!

Although the “Kilometers for Przylądek” action takes place throughout Poland, Wroclaw is what particularly important for us. Here in the heart of Lower Silesia, in the revitalized UNI building is located the main office of the campaign's strategic partner, the consulting company BPX S.A. We invite all residents of Wroclaw and its surrounding areas to participate in this noble initiative. Together, as we conquer more kilometers, we can support the building the “Dom na Zawsze Przylądek” and provide support and care for adults on the autism spectrum.

Everyone can join the campaign

Join the action right away! Download the Activy app, register, and get involved in “Kilometers for Przylądek 2024”. Let Wroclaw show how important community and solidarity are to us!

More information about the campaign is available on the website: LINK.