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"Green energy" from the stadium will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 420 tons per year. This is how much of the gas, which negatively affects climate change, would be produced when generating the same amount of energy in a coal-fired power plant. Meanwhile, the PLN 2.3 million investment will create clean and free energy.

This is the largest solar installation in the city's resource. Renewable energy sources are the way that Wroclaw wants to go. In this way we reduce emissions and negative climate change, which at the same time directly affects the quality of life for all of us. And although they require large investments - the long-term benefits are invaluable.

Jacek Sutryk, Mayor of Wroclaw

Solar farm at Tarczyn Arena already in December 2022.

The Board of Directors of Wroclaw Stadium has officially signed a contract with the contractor, Inplag sp. z o. o., part of the Atlas Ward Polska Group.

This means that installation work on the top floor of the multi-story parking garage at Tarczynski Arena Wroclaw will begin in September. The entire work is expected to be completed in December 2022.

17 kilometers of cables, 1240 panels

A total of 1240 photovoltaic panels of 485 watts each will be installed.

The gigantic scale of the investment is reflected in the length of the electrical cables required for the installation - more than 17 kilometers of cables will have to be laid to run the installation.

The new investment is not only environmental protection, but also a real gain for the company. The whole investment is a long process, a lot of work involved in obtaining the appropriate permits and selecting a contractor. We know, however, that it will pay off and is part of our ongoing efforts to improve financial performance.

Marcin Przychodny, President of the Wroclaw Stadium company

Record months for Wroclaw Stadium

In the first half of 2022, the Stadion Wroclaw company generated record revenue of more than 10 million zlotys, including almost 4 million in June alone. This is almost twice as much as in the years before the pandemic. In late May and early June, Tarczynski Arena hosted 14 diverse events: from the Poland-Wales match in the UEFA Nations League, to the Dawid Podsiadlo concert, Kings of Leon, Wroclaw Good Beer Festival, Ultrace, and the Tarczynski Arena Cup final.

The solar installation that will be built at Tarczynski Arena is, after signing an agreement with the title sponsor, another milestone in improving the company's economic situation. We assumed that the entire investment would pay for itself by 2029, but looking at the gigantic increase in energy prices, we already know that this will probably happen after three years.

Marcin Przychodny, president of the Wrocław Stadium company

The installation will take up parking space for 264 cars, but thanks to an earlier reorganization of the parking lot under the esplanade - 1196 additional spaces were made available in July 2022. Thus, the number of vehicles that can park at Tarczynski Arena Wroclaw has increased by 932 spaces this year.

Wroclaw bets on solar and renewable energy sources

The capital of Lower Silesia has a total of more than 1,400 solar installations, which - with those under construction - would be able to produce nearly 24,000 MWh, enough to annually light 85 percent of Wroclaw's streets and sidewalks or 15 buildings such as the Centennial Hall.

Solar panels are installed, among others, in 15 Wroclaw educational institutions, on the City Hall building on Hubska Street and many buildings of city companies - MPK, SPARTAN or MPWiK. Devices generating 'green energy' are installed - whenever possible - at each new investment or comprehensively renovated facility.

Importantly - Wroclaw has created a special program that facilitates the decision to generate 'green energy', under which it exempts from property tax persons and companies whose buildings have installations using renewable energy (connected to a solar installation, solar collector, heat pump, ground heat exchanger or recuperator - editor's note). Thanks to this - in the last two years more than 300 companies have taken advantage of this opportunity.