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The Lean Management Center will develop the skills of an engineer of the future who will be prepared to work in Industry 4.0.

The center was established to teach effective management, i.e. Lean Management, and how to effectively improve processes according to the Kaizen method, which assumes continuous improvement.

The Lean Management Center at the WSB University in Wroclaw cost PLN 300,000. This is a place where students learn the principles of management in production plants using models, virtual and augmented reality and simulation games. 

The Lean Management Center is a unique place and project that was established with the participation of the university's business partners. We have been preparing for its creation for a long time. Today I can say that we have a lot to be proud of. - dr inż. Agnieszka Pawlak-Wolanin, manager of management engineering studies and director of the Lean Management Center.

Lean Management Center - modern management methods

As university representatives emphasize, the Lean Management Center was established in response to the needs of the market and employers related to the manufacturing industry. Read also: The Business Process Simulation Center has been established at the University of Economics in Wroclaw.

- It is in production that management methods such as Lean Management, Kaizen, 5S or Kanban are used. They allow entrepreneurs to plan processes in the company so that they are optimized, do not generate unnecessary costs or cause losses, but are systematically improved, and at the same time retain work ergonomics, which is extremely beneficial for the health and comfort of employees - emphasizes Dr. Agnieszka Pawlak-Wolanin.

 Engineering and management students learn these methods in college, and now they can train them and develop practical skills. In the Lean Management Center, they will learn how to diagnose errors and find the best solutions that can be applied in manufacturing companies. 

Lean Management Center: Learning in a Virtual Factory

Learning takes place through the use of simulation games and virtual reality. In VR technology, the university prepared a simulation of factory door production and implementations in the field of environmental protection for students.

An important element of the Lean Management Center is the Training Center - it is a room with workstations equipped with real tools and models of devices, e.g. a Mercedes-Benz engine. Techniques used in management will be trained at these positions 

- The training course will enable students to train solutions in microscale and simulations, thanks to which they will be able to make mistakes and draw conclusions. In the event of an error, the student will not bear the consequences that could befall him in the workplace - adds Dr. Agnieszka Pawlak-Wolanin.