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The development of electromobility, or electric vehicles (EVs), is one of the main areas of the European Union's environmental and transport policy. However, for electromobility to be possible, the right infrastructure is needed: charging stations, a generation network and cheaper and more efficient electric and hybrid cars.

Electromobility on the rise

Students in the electromobility laboratory will work on just such cars. In particular, they will be working here on:

  • electronic and power electronic circuits,
  • drives,
  • applied energy storage and conversion systems,
  • power supply and energy conversion infrastructure.

What's in the electromobility laboratory

The laboratory includes not only control stations for various types of electric drives with all the modern motors used in electromobility. Unique elements are the stations equipped with rapid prototyping systems:

- Students will be able to design their own control structures for AC and DC motors in various configurations. Such a possibility is unprecedented at Polish universities," said Maciej Skowron, Ph.D., from the Department of Electrical Engineering, head of the laboratory. - At other stations, in turn, it is possible to analyze the impact of the cooperation of batteries with drive systems and how they interact, he explained.

University and business cooperation

The launch of the lab was made possible thanks to the support of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, which donated more than PLN 600,000 for the purpose. The company also signed an agreement with the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology to jointly conduct research projects, organize internships and research placements for students, doctoral students and university employees, as well as shape the curriculum.

- Electric vehicles are not a momentary trend, but a transformation that changes the way we move and interact with the environment," noted Yong Girl Lee, director of the External Relations Department of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw. LG Energy Solution is not the only one working with PWr. The lab, thanks to a partnership with Ecobike, a Polish manufacturer of electric bicycles, also includes electric unicycle stations. Students will thus be able to analyze the operation of the electromechanical system.