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One of the main goals of the report is to help startups and other entities - investors, medical entities, partners, and end customers - to cooperate. This year's edition will be distinguished by in-depth research statistics, taking into account a startup's current needs, information about the solution and its organization, problems, team, financing and international expansion. It will be published in both Polish and English.

- There are more and more revolutionary medical solutions appearing on the market that affect the healthcare sector, not only Polish but also abroad. However, there is still an information gap that prevents startups from further development. The report aims to bridge this gap by providing access to full and structured knowledge about modern technological solutions, whose implementation in healthcare entities and assistance in obtaining funding for further research and development work will contribute to supporting the innovation ecosystem and improving the quality of services provided to patients, saving thousands of lives. By creating a publicly available report, we want to provide access to reliable, complete knowledge on the market of medical startups and modern medical technologies

- says Ligia Kornowska, Managing Director of the Polish Federation of Hospitals.

Despite the information gap on the medical market, it is extremely positive that nearly 70% of startups create their solutions in cooperation with hospitals. The openness of hospitals to innovations and cooperation with young companies will certainly influence the speed of adoption of solutions in the healthcare sector and the level of market readiness of solutions presented by Polish startups, which are already characterized by a high level of development. In 2021, 90% of them had a marketable product at the level of at least MVP (Minimum Viable Product), with more than half of the respondents already offering their product commercially on the market. Just over 60 startups announced plans to internationalize their product. A very positive factor was the fact that as many as 1/3 of the surveyed were already active on foreign markets, i.e. through signed letters of intent, signed commercial contracts, or registered revenue. This indicates that Polish startups are aware that the domestic market is too small or difficult to access in order to achieve significant success.

Last year's edition of the report

The "Top Disruptors in Healthcare 2021" report was a huge success - 115 medical startups participated in it, it also received the patronage of over 50 institutions, including the support of 11 public entities, key in the medical environment and supporting innovation. The results presented in both the first and second edition were cited at numerous industry conferences and in many scientific publications. Among the experts who have commented on the innovative impact of the Report are Radosław Sierpiński, President of the Medical Research Agency, Maciej Kawecki, President of the Board of the Future Poland Institute, and Małgorzata Oleszczuk, President of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
An important objective of the Report, which the authors wish to pursue also this year, is to identify startups offering solutions that can contribute to the fight against the COVID - 19 pandemic and its long-term effects. According to statistics from last year's edition, only 12% of startups indicated that the pandemic did not affect their business.
- The medical startup market in Poland has been characterized by rapid development and growing potential in recent years, especially in the area of medical innovation. The largest number of startups from the 2nd edition of the Report presented solutions operating in telemedicine, supported by artificial intelligence or developing in the field of medical data collection and processing. By collecting the most important information about startups, the Report has a chance to contribute to the development of new medical technologies and popularization of their use, which will affect the quality of patient care

- says Karolina Kornowska, Coordinator of the 3rd edition of the Report.

The third edition of the Report will be published during the International Conference "AI in Health", which will take place in June 2022. The Main Partner of this year's edition of the Report is Google for Startups. The Report is also sponsored by the Medical Research Agency, Ministry of Health and the National Center for Research and Development.

Contact with the report authors

Organizations interested in cooperation and startups willing to participate in the 3rd edition of the Report are invited to contact Karolina Kornowska, Coordinator of the 3rd edition of the "Top Disruptors in Healthcare" report, at: karolina.kornowska@wzdrowiu.com